Aadhaar card D-link, gas subsidy

Aadhaar card D-link This is the problem, mobile number, passport, gas subsidy

All these things can be known before Aadhaar card D-link. You will have this problem in mobile number, passport, gas subsidy.


Aadhaar card D-link: – After applying the decision of Aadhaar, some rules have been changed keeping the requirement of Aadhaar, which is very important for the Aadhaar card holders to know , before making the Aadhaar card D-link Things have to be taken care of.

Aadhaar card: – There will be further improvement in the coming days, but now Aadhaar card will be needed in subsidized LPG cylinders, Aadhaar will not be needed to make passports, just like where to link Aadhaar card and from where Aadhaar card D- Making sure to link is going to be a bit difficult.

Aadhaar card D-link from mobile number: – You used Aadhaar card while taking mobile number, that is, your mobile number is Aadhaar card number link, and now after the Supreme Court’s decision, you will get Aadhaar card D-link from your mobile number.If you want to do, then you have to tell your mobile operator company or that youwant to D-link your mobile number Aadhaar card.

For this, you will have to give any other documents as verification and your verification will be done again, the documents can be: – Driving license, Voter ID card etc. Aadhaar card D-link

Aadhaar card D-link, gas subsidy

UIDAI has asked the companies to present their plan, mobile companies will have to give importance to the Aadhaar card D link , along with the use of the approved document from the fresh KYC telecom company. To protect the mobile number from D-activation , after getting the information of the Aadhaar card D link , another document will have to be verified within 6 months.

Impact on gas subsidy from Aadhaar card D link: – If a subsidized LPG cylinder comes to your home, then Aadhaar card D link may have to be madefrom the bank account. Heavy, gas distribution company gives subsidy to you. Through the card, your Aadhaar card is linked in your bank account, then the subsidy money reaches your bank account.

If you get Aadhaar card D-linked to your account, then you will have to inform your gas distribution company. Aadhaar card D-link

No more Aadhaar card will be required for making passport : – After the decision of the Supreme Court, you will no longer need an Aadhaar card to make a passport, if you do not have an Aadhaar card, you can still get your passport with the help of any other document Will be able to get them going.


You have to keep in mind that now any private company can not ask for Aadhaar card for verification, even if Aadhaar is asked for verification, you can use MASKED AADHAAR CARD .


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