berojgari bhatta 2020, berojgari bhatta online registration 2020, unemployment allowance scheme 2020

berojgari bhatta 2020, berojgari bhatta online registration 2020, unemployment allowance scheme 2020

If you are also an unemployed person and you have to take advantage of the government-run berojgari bhatta , then you are reading the perfect post.

After getting my information, many people have taken advantage of the government-run berojgari bhatta Yojana , so why will you stay behind.

In today’s article, I will give you a lot of information related to berojgari bhatta 2020, berojgari bhatta online registration 2020 with berojgari bhatta .

Up Berojgari Bhatta Online Apply 2020

Unemployment allowance scheme / berojgari bhatta yojana

  • berojgari bhatta Yojana is also run by the central government, but the state government has also made a beginning for it.
    The state government also runs berojgari bhatta Yojana for different states.
  • Under berojgari bhatta Yojana , the government includes such persons who do not currently have any jobs, in the event of non-employment, the government provides an allowance to these individuals.
  • Unemployed people are able to improve their livelihood a little by getting an allowance from the government and are able to live their life properly.

Don’t you also have the means of employment, do you also want to get berojgari bhatta?

If your answer is “Yes” , then read this article further.

Unemployment Allowance Scheme 2020 / berojgari bhatta Yojana 2020

  • Berojgari bhatta Yojana is run separately for different states.
  • Different states have different rules under berojgari bhatta Yojana .
  • And the allowance is also different.

Note: – From which state you are, tell us by commenting so that we can provide you information about berojgari bhatta Yojana running in that state as soon as possible.

Here below we have given information about the ongoing unemployment allowance scheme in some states.

1. Up berojgari bhatta Yojana, Uttar Pradesh Unemployment Allowance Scheme 2020
2. Bihar berojgari bhatta Yojana, Bihar unemployment allowance scheme 2020
3. Jharkhand berojgari bhatta yojana, Jharkhand unemployment allowance scheme 2020
4. Rajasthan berojgari bhatta Yojana, Rajasthan Unemployment Allowance Scheme 2020

Let us talk about UP berojgari bhatta Yojana in detail in today’s article.

Note: – Note that you may be reading this article to see information about unemployment allowance scheme of another state.

You should enter the name of your state in the search box on this website and search for it by putting berojgari bhatta Yojana in front of it, maybe we have given information on it too.

Let’s talk about UP berojgari bhatta Yojana.

UP berojgari bhatta Yojana 2020, Apply Online for Unemployment Allowance 2020

  • Up berojgari bhatta Yojana has been started by the Uttar Pradesh government to provide benefits to all unemployed persons living in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Under Up berojgari bhatta Yojana , all these youth are provided allowance in the form of unemployment by the government.
  • The government gives allowance to unemp  loyed persons till they get some means of employment ie “job”.
  • This allowance by the government helps the unemployed to live as well as their education.
  • And in all the states too, the government provides benefits of berojgari bhatta Yojana to the individuals of their state with the same motive.

berojgari bhatta online

  • The benefit of unemployment allowance is given by the Uttar Pradesh government to such individuals who have registered their employment.
  • Along with employment registration (job seeker) , it is also necessary to renew your employment, if you have not yet done your employment registration or employment renewal, get it done quickly.
  • To register for unemployment allowance, first of all you have to get employment registration, to get employment registration, you have to go to the official website of employment registration and register yourself.
  • You will be given the benefit of berojgari bhatta Yojana by the government only after employment registration.
    {Next we will tell you the process of employment registration (job seeker registration)}

Objectives of unemployment allowance scheme

The unemployment allowance scheme has a lot of objectives, some of which are the major ones that we are telling you below.

  1. ➡ First of all, the government wants to know how many such people in their state are still unemployed.
  2. ➡ If the government has information about the unemployed person, these people will be given priority as soon as a new job or job comes.
  3. ➡ Also, the government has decided to give 1500 rupees per month to unemployed persons.
  4. ➡ The government had stated in its last budget 2019 budget that this time the government has made a budget of 300000 crore rupees for unemployed persons .
  5. ➡ The main objective of the scheme is to provide allowance to such persons who have no source of income and are not able to live their livelihood properly.
  6. ➡ The biggest thing is that both men and women are included under berojgari bhatta Yojana .
  7. ➡ berojgari bhatta Yojana can be availed by both men and women and further enhance their level of education.

The purpose behind the government’s introduction of berojgari bhatta Yojana.

It is not only necessary for you to be unemployed to take advantage of the unemployment allowance scheme, the government has prepared some necessary conditions and criteria for this.

up berojgari bhatta online apply eligibility / eligibility and criteria for uttar Pradesh berojgari bhatta yojana

If you want to apply for Uttar Pradesh Unemployment Allowance Scheme, then there are some necessary conditions for it.

  • ➡ The first eligibility to apply unemployment allowance scheme is that you must be a citizen of Uttar Pradesh.
    Due to the unemployment allowance scheme you are applying under the state government, you can apply only for your state.
  • To apply Berojgari Bhatta Online, you must have either 12th pass or any degree in front of it, plus you must have a graduation or post graduation degree.
  • Ero To apply Berojgari Bhatta Online , you should be completely unemployed, you should not have any source of income from anywhere.
  • To apply Berojgari Bhatta Online your family’s annual income should be less than ₹ 300000.
  • To avail the Uttar Pradesh Unemployment Allowance Scheme, your age limit should be between 21 years to 35 years.

Note: – Even till now you have got almost information about Up Unemployment Allowance Scheme and now you have also come to know about the eligibility of Up Unemployment Allowance Scheme.

Up berojgari bhatta form required document / documents required for Uttar Pradesh unemployment allowance scheme

If you are also thinking to apply for berojgari bhatta Yojana then collect all the documents before applying.

UP berojgari bhatta Yojana Required Document

  1. ➡ To apply for the Unemployment Allowance Scheme , first of all you need to have an Aadhaar card .
  2. While performing Berojgari Bhatta up online registration , you can show 12th pass, graduation or post graduation marks certificate.
  3. ➡ While filling up the Berojgari Bhatta up online registration form , you will also have to give a residence certificate .
  4. ➡ During Uttar Pradesh unemployment allowance online application, you will also have to show your address proof and ID proof.
    You can use your PAN card, voter ID card, driving license, ration card etc. as an address Proof and Id Proof .
  5. Income certificate is also mandatory: – At the time of registering berojgari Bhatta up online registration , you also have to give your income certificate.

Now you would like to know how to do Uttar Pradesh berojgari bhatta form online registration.

Uttar Pradesh berojgari bhatta form online registration / how to berojgari bhatta form fill online

Let us now know how to apply for unemployment allowance scheme online.

Up Berojgari Bhatta Online Apply 2020

➡ First of all, you have to go to the official website of UP berojgari bhatta form Online Registration . Click here to go to

➡ As soon as you visit the website of , you will get to see the homepage something like this. As we have shown below.

Up Berojgari Bhatta Online Apply 2020

➡ Click on the Job Seeker option in the menu bar at the top.

➡ Now the Job Seeker login page will open in front of you because you are doing your registration for the first time, then you will have to click on the button to sign up new users at the bottom. 4

Up Berojgari Bhatta Online Apply 2020

➡ A new registration page will open in front of you as soon as the new user clicks on the sign up button. Whatever will look like this 👇👇

berojgari Bhatta 2020

➡ Create a free account, you will be able to register for a job seeker.

➡ In the registration page, first you have to select your category jobskar.

➡ Here you have to enter your name, mobile number, user ID, password, email ID etc. and enter Captcha code and then submit.

Note: – In registering new jobs Sikar, keep a few things in mind.

(1) Password must be at least 8 and maximum 12 characters.
(2) It is mandatory to have at least one character in upper case and one in lower case.
(3) Password must also have at least one number.
(4) Password should also have at least one special character.
(5) Valid list of special characters [email protected] # $ *

After the job registration is registered, your details are available with the government and according to your details, whatever appropriate government or private job will be available, you will be shown on logging portal.

And till the time you are not provided any job or means of employment, then you will be given Rs 1500 per month as unemployment allowance by the government.

Benefits of getting registered on the job seeker portal.

There are many benefits of doing uttar Pradesh job seeker registration , below are some of these benefits.

  • ➡ You can apply or register for Uttar Pradesh Job Seeker anytime, anywhere.
  • ➡ You will get information about all government or private jobs running in Uttar Pradesh on a single portal.
  • ➡ Online application facility will also be available to apply in any job.
  • ➡ You will get job information from time to time through email.
  • ➡ On the basis of category, location, department and salary, you will also get job search facility on Uttar Pradesh Job Sikar portal.

people also ask / commonly asked questions by people?

How to apply for unemployment allowance scheme?

The unemployment allowance scheme is run in two ways, first at central level and second at state level. Before applying for unemployment allowance scheme, make sure that you want to apply at the state level or at the central level.

If you want to apply at the state level, then by which name the unemployment allowance scheme is being run by the state government in your state.
For example, seven fixed unemployment allowance scheme is run in Bihar, similarly the service scheme in Uttar Pradesh.

To apply under State Unemployment Allowance Scheme, you have to apply by visiting the official portal created by the state government.

Can I apply for unemployment allowance offline?

Offline can also be applied for Berojgari bhatta in any state. For this, you will have to get information by going to the District Social Welfare Department. You can submit offline application form for unemployment allowance scheme by going to the office of District Social Welfare Department.

What is the eligibility for unemployment allowance scheme?

There are a lot of eligibility for the Unemployment Allowance Scheme, in which your age limit is also an important eligibility and how educated you are is also very important.
However, different states have different eligibility and criteria for applying for unemployment allowance.

Unemployment Allowance Online Application Form?

Yes, you can also apply for unemployment allowance scheme by filling the application form.
For this you download the unemployment allowance online application form, fill it and submit it to the District Social Welfare Department.

How much allowance is given under unemployment allowance?

It also depends on the state government that in some states 3500 per month is given under the unemployment allowance scheme, somewhere 1500 rupees and somewhere ₹ 1000.

Note: – In today’s article, we have given you a lot of information related to unemployment allowance scheme.
Told you in this article

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