E Shram Card ₹1000 Payment: Check Your Status by Name and Mobile Number!

The Indian government introduced the e-Shram Card program to assist workers. To qualify for government support through this initiative, workers must be registered on the e-labor portal. Under this program, eligible workers receive ₹1000 as financial aid, which can be significant. If you possess an e-Shram Card and want to confirm your eligibility, please read this article. In This Article, We Are Going To Tell You All About E Shram Card ₹1000 Payment E Shram Card List E Shram Card Download E Shram Card Benefits @eshram.gov.in.

E Shram Card ₹1000 Payment E Shram Card List E Shram Card Download  E Shram Card Benefits @eshram.gov.in

To access financial and insurance benefits, laborers must have an E Shram Card List. You can obtain one by contacting the Labor Department if you don’t have one. You can easily check the E Shram Card List 2023 on the Ministry of Labor’s official website if you’ve already applied for a card.

E Shram Card List

You can easily check the E Shram Card List 2023 on your mobile phone and the internet by visiting the official scheme portal at eshram.gov.in. This ensures you stay updated about your enrollment status and have access to the benefits offered by the e-Shram Card program.

If your name appears on the E-Shram Card List, you can easily download your E-Shram card from the same website. This ensures you have access to the valuable benefits and security the government offers through the E-Shram Card program. You Can Check Your Name In List On Its Official Website @eshram.gov.in.

E Shram Card Download

The e-Shram portal, launched by the Ministry of Labour and Employment in August 2021, is a pioneering initiative. It is a comprehensive national database for unorganized workers who have linked their Aadhaar information. This includes various worker categories like migrants, construction laborers, gig workers, and platform workers.

The ministry has already issued over 28 crore e-Shram cards. The primary aim of the e-Shram portal is to grant unorganized workers access to diverse social welfare programs. This initiative marks a significant stride in recognizing and supporting the rights and welfare of unorganized workers by the government. Whether you work in the gig economy or the construction sector, the E Shram card list portal can be your gateway to vital social welfare schemes.

E Shram Card 2023 Eligibility Criteria

The E-Shram Card program is available to individuals working in the informal sector, aged between 16 and 59, with a valid phone number linked to their government-issued ID card. These criteria are in place to ensure that the program’s benefits reach those in genuine need of financial and insurance security within the informal sector.

To qualify for the E-Shram Card program, you must fulfill the following criteria:

  • You must work in the informal sector.
  • The age of the applicant must be between 16 – 59.
  • You must have a valid phone number linked to your government-issued ID card.

You can apply for the E-Shram Card program online or at a nearby government office if you meet these requirements. After verification, your name will be added to the E Shram Card List.

Steps to check E Shram Card List 2023 @eshram.gov.in

If you’ve previously applied for an e-Shram Card and wish to verify whether your name is included in the E-S

  • Visit the official website of the Ministry of Labour and Employment (eshram.gov.in).
  • Select the option labeled “E Shram Card List 2023.”
  • Enter the mobile number used for e-Shram Card registration.
  • Input the One-Time Password (OTP) received on your phone number.
  • Click the “submit” button to verify your identity.
  • Search your name in the E Shram card list using your registration number.

E Shram Card Benefits

The E-Shram Card program provides important financial benefits and security measures to unorganized sector workers holding this card. Here are the main highlights of these benefits:

Pension for Senior Workers: Eligible workers aged 60 or older receive a monthly pension of ₹3,000, offering crucial financial stability in retirement.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage: The program provides substantial insurance coverage. In the unfortunate event of a worker’s accidental death, a ₹2,00,000 death insurance benefit is granted. Additionally, in case of partial disability due to an accident, affected workers receive ₹1,00,000 in financial assistance.

Spousal Benefits: The program prioritizes family security. If a beneficiary dies due to an accident, all program benefits are extended to their spouse, ensuring the family’s financial well-being during difficult times.

Universal Account Number (UAN): Each beneficiary receives a unique 12-digit Universal Account Number (UAN), applicable across India. This secure identifier simplifies access to program benefits and services.

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In conclusion, the E-Shram Card program is a significant initiative to provide financial stability and security to unorganized sector workers. With monthly pensions, comprehensive insurance coverage, spousal benefits, and the Universal Account Number, it strives to enhance the well-being of workers and their families, particularly during retirement and challenging times. You Can Check Your Payment Status On Its Official Website @eshram.gov.in.


What is the E-Shram Card program?

The E-Shram Card program is an initiative aimed at providing financial benefits and security to workers in the unorganized sector in India. @eshram.gov.in

2. Who is eligible for the E-Shram Card program?

Workers in the unorganized sector between the ages of 16 and 59, with a valid mobile number linked to their government-issued ID card, are eligible for the program.

3. What does the program provide the pension amount?

Eligible workers receive a monthly pension of ₹3,000 upon reaching 60.

4. What insurance coverage does the program offer?

The program provides a death insurance benefit of ₹2,00,000 in case of a worker’s accidental death. In case of partial disability due to an accident, ₹1,00,000 in financial aid is extended.

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