HDFC Balance Enquiry: The Quick and Easy Way to Stay on Top of Your Finances

HDFC Bank Balance Enquiry Number 2023 summarises all the money an account holder deposits or withdraws. It helps track finances, checks HDFC Bank account balance, saves from fraudulent activity, and regularly understands spending habits. HDFC Bank is considered to be one of the leading banks in India. HDFC Bank Headquartered in Mumbai, HDFC Net Banking was incorporated in August 1994 and has 5,130 branches and 13,395 ATMs in 2,764 cities/towns (as of June 30, 2019). The bank offers a wide range of banking and financial services in India to check your HDFC balance check number.

HDFC Bank Balance Enquiry

In today’s fast-paced world, staying updated with your account balance is essential for effective financial management. HDFC Bank, one of India’s leading banks, offers multiple hassle-free methods to check your account balance and monitor your transactions. Whether you prefer mobile apps, SMS banking, or net banking, HDFC Bank covers you.

Highlights Of HDFC Bank Balance Enquiry

MethodSteps to Follow
Missed CallDial 18002703333 and give a miss call. Receive a mini statement on your registered mobile number.
SMS BankingSend “BAL” to 5676712 to receive your balance through SMS.
Net BankingLog in to your account and check the balance tab on the dashboard.
Mobile BankingDownload the HDFC Banking and UPI apps to access your account balances on smartphones.

Missed Call for Balance Enquiry

The simplest way to check your HDFC Bank account balance is by giving a miss call on 18002703333 from your registered mobile number. In response, HDFC Bank will send you a mini bank statement as an SMS. If you’re curious about your last five transactions, give a miss call at 18002703355.

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Balances at Your Fingertips

For those who prefer text-based interactions, HDFC Bank’s SMS banking lets you stay informed easily. Just text “BAL” to 5676712, and you’ll receive your account balance promptly through SMS.

Convenient Net Banking

HDFC Bank’s net banking platform empowers you to manage your finances online. Simply log in using your User ID and password, and you can effortlessly check your account balance. It’s as simple as a few clicks on the balance tab available on your dashboard.

HDFC Balance Check

HDFC Bank offers several products and facilities involving treasury, auto loans, wholesale banking, retail banking, two-wheeler loans, consumer durable loans, personal loans, loans against property, lifestyle loans, and credit cards. There are two digital products as, Payzapp and SmartBUY.

This Bank was combined with Times Bank in February 2000. This was the first combiner of two private banks in the New Generation private sector banks category. Times Bank was started by Bennett, Coleman, and Co. Ltd. For other details, you may read the following section.

Name of the OrganizationHDFC Bank Limited
Mode of ServicesOnline
Article ForHDFC Balance Check, Missed Call Number, SMS, Net Banking
CategoryBalance Check

Work of HDFC SMS Banking

HDFC SMS Banking permits its customers to perform several functions like mini-statement, accessing the account statement, etc. The service needs its customers to type a custom keyword and send it as an SMS to 5676712. The customer then gets a text message in reply within a few seconds.

HDFC Bank SMS Banking Functions

BalBalance EnquiryQuickly view available balances in up to 5 linked accounts, displayed in chronological order.Bal <Last 5 digits of A/C no.>
TxnMini StatementRetrieve information about the last three debits or credits made in your account.Txn <Last 5 digits of A/C no.>
StmAccount Statement RequestRequest an account statement sent via email (covers the duration from the last statement till SMS date).Stm <Last 5 digits of A/C no.>
ChqCheque Book RequestInitiate a cheque book request that will be delivered to your address via mail.Chq <Last 5 digits of A/C no.>
Cst<6-digit cheque no.>Cheque Status EnquiryGain insights into the status of cheques issued by you.Cst<6-digit cheque no.> <Last 5 digits of A/C no.>
S2p<6-digit cheque no.>Stop ChequePrevent payment on an issued cheque through this service.Stp<6-digit cheque no.> <Last 5 digits of A/C no.>
BilDetails of a billAcquire information about utility bills such as electricity or telephone bills via SMS.
IpinIPIN RegenerationRequest regeneration of your Internet Banking password. The new IPIN will be sent to your Email Address.
FdqFixed Deposit InquiryInquire about recent fixed deposits in up to five accounts, showcasing interest rates, maturity details, etc.
New<14-digit account no.>Change of Primary AccountUse this service to change your primary account.
HelpKeyword ListObtain a list of keywords alongside their respective functions.

HDFC Account Balance Check through Missed Call Service

HDFC also offers its customers Account balance inquiries by just a missed call or toll-free mobile banking service. using the following number:

  • Mini Statement – 1800-270-3355
  • Cheque Book Request – 1800-270-3366
  • Account Balance – 1800-270-3333
  • Account Statement – 1800-270-3377

Mobile Banking: Banking on the Go

Modern life demands flexibility, and HDFC Bank delivers. Download the HDFC Banking and UPI apps from Google Play or the App Store. These user-friendly apps provide a seamless experience for checking your account balances and conducting transactions.

Additional Services Available via HDFC Customer Care

ServicesDial Numbers for Quick Access
Account Balance EnquiryCall 1800-270-3333
Mini StatementCall 1800-270-3355
Request Cheque BookDial 1800-270-3366 to place your request.
Account Statement RequestDial 1800-270-3377 to request your statement.

HDFC Bank ensures that its customers have various options to suit their preferences. Whether you check your HDFC Bank balance online, through SMS, or through mobile apps, the bank’s commitment to innovation and convenience shines through. With accessible customer care services and a user-friendly mobile app, HDFC Bank simplifies the banking experience for all.

Remember, staying informed about your account balance has never been this effortless. Choose your preferred method, and HDFC Bank will update you on your financial journey.

HDFC Balance Enquiry by SMS Banking

Staying informed about your HDFC Bank account balance is crucial for controlling your finances. With the advancement of technology, HDFC Bank offers a range of options to check your account balance seamlessly. Whether you’re tech-savvy or prefer traditional methods, HDFC Bank caters to your needs.

Check HDFC Account Balance

SMS BankingSend “BAL” to 5676712 from your registered mobile number for primary account balance. For secondary accounts, SMS “BAL Last 6 digits of Account Number” to 5676712.
Passbook UpdateVisit the nearest HDFC bank branch to get your passbook updated.
ATM CardsUse your HDFC ATM card at any ATM: Insert card > Select “HDFC Balance Enquiry” > View displayed balance.
Customer CareCall 1800 425 4332, select “language” and “banking option”. Enter 12-digit account number or 16-digit debit card number along with ATM pin to know your balance.
SMS Banking RegistrationSend SMS in the format “REGISTER <Custid> <Last 5 Digits of A/c No.>” to 5676712 for instant registration. Alternatively, register through HDFC Net Banking or ATM.

Effortless SMS Banking

One of the simplest ways to check your HDFC account balance is through SMS banking. Send “BAL” to 5676712 from your registered mobile number for your primary account balance. If you have multiple accounts, SMS “BAL Last 6 digits of Account Number” to the same number for secondary accounts.


Passbook Update The Traditional Approach

Visiting an HDFC branch to update your passbook remains reliable for knowing your account balance. The branch staff will assist you in keeping your passbook up to date.

Instant Balance Enquiry via ATM Cards

Using an HDFC ATM card is another quick option. Insert your card at any ATM, select “HDFC Balance Enquiry,” and the displayed balance will give you instant clarity.

Customer Care Assistance

For personalized assistance, HDFC’s customer care is just a call away. Dial 1800 425 4332, follow the prompts, and you’ll soon know your account balance.

Registering for SMS Banking

To enjoy the convenience of SMS banking, register your mobile number. Send the required SMS format to 5676712, or register through HDFC Net Banking, ATM, or by visiting the nearest HDFC Bank branch.


HDFC Bank ensures that account holders have various options to check their balances. From modern methods like SMS banking and ATM cards to


FAQ About HDFC balance check number

How to check HDFC balance check number by miss call

For knowing your HDFC bank account balance, give a missed call to the toll free number 1800-270-3333 by registered mobile no. To get the hdfc account mini statement, you can give a missed call to yet another toll free number 1800-270-3355.

Is it necessary to visit bank branch to HDFC Bank Balance Enquiry account balance?

No, it is not necessary to visit bank branch to enquire account balance. Account holders can get account balance by giving a miss call to 5676712 from registered mobile number, using net banking or mobile banking or SMS “BAL” from registered mobile number, or by calling customer care number 5676712

Can account holders check the account balance using smartphones, if yes, how?

No, it is not necessary to visit bank branch to enquire account balance. Account holders can get account balance by giving a miss call to 5676712 from registered mobile number, using net banking or mobile banking or SMS “BAL” from registered mobile number, or by calling customer care number 5676712

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