LPG Cylinder Price Today, New Rates Cut By ₹200, City Wise Rate List, All-State?

LPG Gas Price Today, also known as Liquefied Petroleum Gas, is an essential resource for many Indian households. It’s primarily used in cooking, but did you know its price fluctuates frequently? This page will explain the current LPG cylinder pricing, lpg gas cylinder news, why it fluctuates, and other pertinent information. So, if you’re looking for the current LPG price, keep reading!

The government has stated that it will add 75 lakh more Ujjwala connections to the service. This means that over 10 crore people will now benefit from this scheme across the country. The Ujjwala scheme provides free LPG connections to rural women.


In New Delhi, a 14.2-kg cylinder of LPG used for cooking costs Rs 1,103 at the moment. This has been reduced by Rs 200 per cylinder to Rs 903. The rates of these LPG cylinders were last revised on March 1, when they increased by Rs 50.

Why Does The LPG Cylinder Price Change So Often?

LPG Gas Price Today: The price of an LPG cylinder in India varies for a variety of reasons. The rupee’s value against the dollar and the global rate are two major factors. The pricing can change every month. But don’t be concerned! The government assists by offering some households a lower fee for up to 12 cylinders every year. If a family requires more, they pay the market rate. The LPG Gas Price Today is based on the world market price from the previous month.

LPG Cylinder Price Today

LPG Price In Major Cities – 30th August 2023

CityPrice (₹)
New Delhi₹ 913.50
Mumbai₹ 920.24
Gurgaon₹ 912.50
Bengaluru₹ 909.24
Chandigarh₹ 913.50
Jaipur₹ 903.50
Patna₹ 920.24
Kolkata₹ 903.50
Chennai₹ 920.24
Noida₹ 903.50
Bhubaneshwar₹ 912.00
Hyderabad₹ 913.50
Lucknow₹ 915.50
Trivandrum₹ 920.24

Top Gas Connection Providers In India

Many companies in India provide gas hookups. HP Gas, Indane Gas, and Bharat Gas are a few examples. They assist families in obtaining LPG cylinders. Some families even receive a discount! These companies can assist you if you need a new gas connection or if you are relocating. They have restrictions and require some paperwork, but they ensure that you receive your LPG cylinder without incident.

Who Qualifies For A Rs 400 Discount On LPG Gas Cylinders?

Participants in the Ujjwala Yojana will benefit from additional benefits as a result of a recent government decision. Previously, these individuals received a Rs 200 discount on each LPG cylinder, making their payment Rs 903 per cylinder. However, with the latest ruling, their expenses will be reduced by another Rs 200. As a result, Ujjwala recipients will only be required to pay Rs 703 for a cylinder.

The government’s decision to give Ujjwala connections to 75 lakh families will help around 10.35 crore people. This has started a fresh political discussion in Madhya Pradesh. The upcoming elections there have made this topic important. In the state, the Congress party said they will offer the cooking gas cylinder for Rs 500, responding to the government’s Rs 200 reduction in the price of domestic LPG cylinders.

The recent decision by the government is being perceived as a gesture from the Modi administration to women, coinciding with the occasions of Onam and Raksha Bandhan. Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized that the reduction of cooking gas cylinder costs by Rs 200 for all users will bring significant relief to “my sisters and family members on Rakshabandhan.” This initiative aims to enhance convenience for individuals.

What Is LPG And Why Is It Important?

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is a blend of butane and propane gases. It serves multiple purposes, including vehicle fuel, cooking, and heating. Extracted from deep within the earth through gas wells and oil sources, LPG undergoes processing in large-scale facilities before becoming accessible for our use. Its significance lies in the fact that a considerable number of individuals in India rely on it for daily cooking needs.


LPG Price Changes In The Last 6 Months

MonthPrice (₹)
March₹ 1,090.50
April₹ 1,095.00
May₹ 1,098.00
June₹ 1,100.00
July₹ 1,102.00
August₹ 1,103.00

Top LPG Cylinder Providers And Their Contact

ProviderContact NumberOfficial Website
HP Gas1800-2333-555HP Gas Official Website
Indane Gas1800-2333-555Indane Gas Official Website
Bharat Gas1800-2333-555Bharat Gas Official Website

Benefits Of Using LPG

  • Safe for cooking.
  • Burns clean. No smoke!
  • Good for the environment.
  • Easy to buy and use.
  • Many places to refill.

Differences Between Domestic LPG And Commercial LPG

AspectDomestic LPGCommercial LPG
Purpose of UsageState-run oil companies determine the prices based on global crude oil prices and currency exchange rates.Used for non-domestic purposes such as agriculture, power generation, transport, poultry, eateries, restaurants, and hotels.
Price DeterminationState-run oil companies determine the prices based on global crude oil prices and currency exchange rates.The prices are revised regularly.
Price RevisionThe prices are revised at the beginning of every month.Painted in red color for easy identification.
Subsidy EligibilityEligible for subsidy.Not eligible for subsidy.
Price ComparisonPrices are cheaper compared to commercial LPG cylinders.Prices are more expensive compared to domestic LPG cylinders.
Color IdentificationPainted in blue color for easy identification.Painted in blue color for easy identification.
Available SizesAvailable in 5 kgs and 14.2 kgs.Available in 5 kgs, 19 kgs, and 47.5 kgs.

How To Check The LPG Cylinder Price Today

The price of LPG can change every month. But how can you find out what the new price is? It’s simple! Check out the official websites of gas companies. They inform you of the current LPG Gas Price. The price is also reported in several newspapers and on television news. You can also inquire at the gas station. They will inform you of the cylinder’s new cost.

Safety Tips When Using LPG Cylinders

LPG is safe, but we must be careful. Here are some tips:

  • Keep the cylinder standing up.
  • Put it in a cool place.
  • Check for leaks. Use soap and water.
  • If you smell gas, turn off the stove.
  • Always use good pipes and stoves.

Government Help For LPG Prices

The government recognizes the importance of LPG. As a result, they assist families. When some families purchase LPG, they receive money back. This is known as a subsidy. It means that the government pays a portion of the cost of the LPG cylinder. This saves money for families.

LPG In Cars: A Clean Fuel

LPG is used in some vehicles. It is beneficial to the environment. These vehicles emit very little smoke. “Green cars” are what they’re called. LPG is now less expensive than gasoline. As a result, it also saves money.

How LPG Helps In Reducing Air Pollution

LPG is an environmentally friendly fuel. It means that when we burn it, there is less smoke and nasty stuff in the air. This is beneficial to both our health and the environment. Many cities have poor air quality. Using LPG can help to improve the air quality. As a result, whether we use LPG for cooking or driving, we contribute to the clean air in our city.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas

(FAQs)? Related To LPG Cylinder Prices Today

Why does the LPG cylinder price change?

Liquefied Petroleum Gas: The price changes because of the world market and the rupee’s value.

How can I get a new LPG connection?

Liquefied Petroleum Gas: You can contact companies like HP Gas, Indane Gas, or Bharat Gas. They will help you. lpg gas cylinder news, lpg gas cylinder news

Do cars that use LPG make less smoke?

lpg gas cylinder news: Yes, LPG cars are “green cars”. They are good for the environment.

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