Modi Plan For Vacant Space : If You Have Your Vacant Space Or Plot, Then The Government Will Give 2 Lakh Months

Modi Plan For Vacant Space : If You Have Your Vacant Space Or Plot, Then The Government Will Give 2 Lakh Months

You do not need to get a license for this work

Modi Plan For Vacant Space: Modi scheme – If you have any vacant plot or land on it and you are thinking or thinking of earning through it, then the government is coming up with a new plan for you soon . If you do this business on plot or land, then you will earn up to ₹ 200000 every month. electricity from government companyThe special thing is that you will not need to get any type of license from the government to do this ..?

Modi plan, vacant plot or land, electricity from government company

Have to do it to get it

Modi scheme: Actually, the government isworking on the plan to open more and more electronics 5 charging stations. According to the report of Economics Times, the government wants to open more charging stations in the country so that more and more electronics vehicles will slide and According to the government, making such a policy to reduce pollution, even a person can open his vacant land or a not charging station! No need to get any license from the government for this !! However, the government will keep a full watch on these, meaning that whatever work will be done on your vacant land, all of them will remain completely under the government’s eye.


Will have to take electricity from government company, they will not be able to get electricity from other company

Modi scheme : Under this scheme of the government, those who install charging stations will have to buy electricity from the government electricity supply companies only !! If you take electricity from a private institution, then you may have to pay fine , the electricity rate for the charging station will be different! The state Video Regulatory Commission will decide this, to prevent the state government should monitor these charging stations fully . The rates of vehicle charging will be fixed from time to time by the states or habitually will not exceed 15.

Modi scheme: If you want to fill the office form below, you have been given a link to the form, that form has been given the office and the mail id has been given, the contact number is given there, you can send it and the complete information by calling some contact number To know about this, click on the link given below, you have to present the option


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