Your daughter will get 51 thousand rupees in this way. Shaadi Shagun Yojana

 Your daughter will get 51 thousand rupees in this way. Shaadi Shagun Yojana

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The central government has made many schemes to increase education, nutrition, security etc. of girls. One of these schemes is Shaadi Shagun Yojana, through which Muslim girls will be given 51 thousand rupees.

What is wedding planning and for whom?

The Shaadi Shagun Scheme was launched by the Prime Minister, which is designed for the daughter of a minority of the Muslim class. Under this scheme, the government gives an incentive amount of 51 thousand to daughters of minority communities to complete their graduation before marriage.

The main objective of this scheme is to increase the education of Muslim girls, this scheme has been run only for minority girls of Muslim class. The condition of education of Muslim class girls in the stagnant country is very weak, the purpose of this scheme is to encourage parents whose daughter is not able to
study, benefits of this scheme when daughters reach higher education university or appropriate college level Will be given and she should not be married before graduation.

The education level of daughters of Muslim society is very low.

Today, if we talk about the women of the country, girls of every class are far ahead, but in India, a large part of the Muslim society is still not getting the education of Muslim girls properly, one of the major reasons for this is the financial crisis. To eliminate it, the government introduced the Shaadi Shagun scheme.

51 thousand will be paid on fulfilling these conditions.

It is said that the amount of Shaadi Shagun scheme will be given only after the completion of graduation before the marriage of Muslim girls. For this the same Muslim girls will be eligible who have also received scholarship from MAEF at school level.

shadi shagun scheme registration, daughters of Muslim society


With this, the annual earnings of the parents of the girls should not exceed 2 lakhs.

           You can get more information about Shaadi Shagun Yojana through the official website of Ministry of Minority Welfare of Central Government.

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