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Banglarbhumi 2020, search land record khatian @

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Banglarbhumi 2020: If you are from the state of West Bengal and you want to see the information of your land, then there is good news for you. A new website has been developed by the Ministry of Land Records in the state of West Bengal , with the help of this website you can view land record information online in the state of West Bengal .

In this article today, we will give you information about the important aspects of West Bengal Banglar Land record as well as we will also give you information about how to see Bangalar Bhumi Land Record . If you are living in West Bengal, you can check the land records with the help of online Banglarabhumi portal .

West Bengal Banglarbhumi 2020

A website called Banglarbhumi wb was launched by the Ministry of Land Reforms in the state of West Bengal , through which people residing in West Bengal can easily check their land records by adopting the online process . With the help of Banglarbhumi wb portal , residents will be able to view all the documents related to the land in just one click and they will also be able to download and print these documents.

Are you also a resident of West Bengal and you want to see land information online?

If your answer is “yes” then read this article till the end so that you can get all the information related to Banglarbhumi wb Portal .

Banglarbhumi Wb Land Record Portal Highlights

Name of scheme Banglarabhumi ( Banglarbhumi wb )
Had lunch By West Bengal State Government
Beneficiary Every resident of West Bengal
Purpose of the portal Digitizing land records and making available land related information to beneficiaries in one click.
state Applicable only in West Bengal
Official website

Services Available on Banglarbhumi wb @

If you are a resident of West Bengal and want to avail the services offered under the Banglarbhumi portal then you can avail the following services from this portal.

  1. ➡️ Citizen Centric Services
  2. ➡️ Digitization form of maps and records
  3. ➡️ Preparation, updation and maintenance
  4. ➡️ Management of ISU
  5. ➡️ Land Details
  6. ➡️ training (ARTI and LMTC)
  7. ➡️ rent controller
  8. ➡️ Thika tenancy
  9. ➡️ India-Bangladesh border demarcation
  10. ➡️ State Land Use Board

Banglarabhumi Portal Registration Process

If you want to register yourself on the Banglarabhumi portal , then the process has also been provided, in order to register Banglarbhumi wb portal , you have to carefully follow the steps given below.

Banglarbhumi Registration Process, West Bengal banglarbhumi land

  • ➡️ First of all, you have to go to, the official website of Bangalore .
  • ➡️ Home Page on “Sign Up Option” must click on
  • ➡️ Now registration form will open in a new page in front of you, in which you will have to enter the following information.

  1. ⏩ name
  2. ⏩ address
  3. ⏩ father’s name
  4. ⏩ mother’s name
  5. ⏩ Municipality
  6. ⏩ Email ID
  7. ⏩ district
  8. ⏩ phone number, etc.
  • ⏩ By entering all the information, you have to create a password and enter the given Captcha Code .
  • ⏩ After entering the Captcha code , an OTP will be sent to your registered and entered mobile number, you will have to click on the submit button after entering the OTP on the mobile . Banglarbhumi Land Record Check. Banglarbhumi ROR Application.
  • ➡️ As soon as you click on the submit button, your Banglarabhoomi Portal Registration is done and now you will be able to take advantage of the facilities offered on Banglarabhumi Portal . Banglarbhumi Portal Registration,

Banglarbhumi 2020, search land record khatian @, Banglarbhumi Portal Registration.

Banglarbhumi 2020, search land record khatian @ || West Bengal banglarbhumi land record, Land record khatian West Bengal, Bnglrbhumikgovkin,…

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