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Under the Ayushman Bharat scheme, 20 states have adopted the trust model and 8 states have adopted the hybrid model.

Ayushman Bharat in India, Hybrid Model, how to create digimail account, the government does not trust the insurance companies very much about the launch of very big health insurance. how to create digimail account,  how to create digimail account, That is why it has been decided to implement the scheme on “Trust Model” in 20 states , while in 8 states it has been decided to launch Ayushman Bharat Scheme on ” Hybrid Model “, although Ayushman Bharat Ki has been launched but It will be launched across India on 25 September , under which insurance of 5 lakh will be given to 10 crore families ..

What is the trust model?

According to the sources, a nation model will be made in 20 states, that is, the insurance company will have no role in it , a trust will be formed in these states, which will pay the expenses incurred on treatment of people under the trust Ayushman Bharat Scheme. Most states of the country want to implement this scheme on this model ..

What is hybrid model?

According to sources, the hybrid model will be worked on in 8 states, under the trust will also work with insurance companies and both will pay the expenses incurred on the treatment of the patient. For example: – If a person’s treatment costs 2.5 lakhs, then the insurance company will spend 100000 rupees and rupees 1.5 lakhs will rule it out