Thousands of students raised their voice for the right of educators

Thousands of students raised their voice for the right of educators

Thousands of students who came to the capital Nitish on Thursday raised their voice on the basic issues, the students took out the Young India Rights March on the issues like education, employment, poverty, respect, to the Parliament Street of Samaj Masjid. Thousands of students raised, The political parties organized the positions of the students and attacked the central government by addressing the public meeting of the leaders on the Parliament Road of Raigad Bulab, against the corruption , decreasing employment opportunities . SP Sansad Dhamendra Yadav said that the government is ignoring the issues of the youth. Kanhaiya Kumar, former president of JNU Students Union, said that students have come on a platform for education, employment, and respect. Today’s youth is saying that we need employment not jumla.


Thousands of students raised


Except Haryana , BJP is not the only government in other states of the country. Your Dalit White Star by teacher organizations ,

Often being taken away. President of India Student Association said that the Union Government is continuously losing the budget of education. Education is being privatized.

Increase the budget of education

Major demands

● Education to youth – get employment
● 13 point rosters should be withdrawn
● Education savings should be reduced by 10%
● Allowance should be given to unemployed


By 12:00 pm at Gate No. 3 of Jama Masjid Metro Station, around 3000 students gathered and started raising slogans from there.


Marksheets of students were jammed at many places while going through the flyovers at Daryaganj, Aruna Asaf Ali Ali and Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

Thousands of students from across the country in the capital took out the Young India Rights March on Thursday with their demands.


Young India Rights March: Students from all over the country on the issue of education, employment and respect marched to the Parliament Street of Jama Masjid.


The leader said

1 .. Its death is not favorable to the common people for the central government teacher, students writers, it is distracting the attention of the people from the basic issues.

2 .. Government is joking with the poor and farmers. Farmers sending 6000 to the account will not fulfill their basic needs

3 .. During the tenure of BJP, every class is more vulnerable. The effort is not to raise the issue of the youth of the farmers. But this time the young man stood up.

4 .. Government is going back on its promise. There are 24 lakh Sujit in the country, but they are not Indian. CBI is being sent to the person who is protesting


Students said

Students have always been demanding for convenience but it is not being extended. Students should focus most on the unemployed.

Candidates from Uttar Pradesh are not displayed. The answer comes on social media before the examination. This needs to be stopped.

The government is attacking the rights of students today. Effective educational institutions are taking place. Privatization of rods to reduce weight

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