NBA YoungBoy’s Net Worth 2024 : Resources Income Commissions, Fees, and Salary!

NBA YoungBoy’s Net Worth 2024: American rapper NBA YoungBoy, with “NBA YoungBoy’s Net Worth 2024” estimated at $12 million, has made a significant impact in the music industry. This article delves into “NBA YoungBoy Net Worth,” exploring his earnings, income, “NBA Young Boy Assets,” home, “NBA Young Boy Car collection,” salary, fees, and more. As we paint a complete picture of “NBA YoungBoy’s” financial status, it’s clear that his diverse assets and lucrative car collection significantly contribute to “NBA YoungBoy’s Net Worth.” The focus on “NBA YoungBoy’s” earnings and “NBA YoungBoy Net Worth” provides an insightful look into the financial success behind his music career.

NBA YoungBoy's Net Worth 2024 NBA YoungBoy Net Worth NBA Young Boy Car collection NBA Young Boy Assets NBA YoungBoy's

NBA YoungBoy Net Worth 

👤 Name NBA YoungBoy
💰 Net Worth $12 Million
💼 Salary $0.7 Million +
📅 Monthly Income $80,000 +
🎤 Profession American rapper
🎂 Age 24 Yrs
📏 Height American rapper
📈 Yearly Income $1 Million +
🌏 Nationality American
🗓️ Date Of Birth 1999-10-20
📍 Birth Place Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
🚹 Gender male
👨‍👦 Parents Sherhonda Gaulden

Rise to Fame: The Journey of NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy’s career trajectory, showcasing his talent and hard work, has played a crucial role in establishing “NBA YoungBoy’s Net Worth 2024.” His journey from releasing eight mixtapes independently between 2015 and 2017 to amassing a loyal fan base is a key factor in his impressive “NBA YoungBoy Net Worth.” This section not only explores his early career and the milestones that led to his fame but also highlights how “NBA YoungBoy’s” consistent efforts significantly contributed to his “NBA Young Boy Assets.” Furthermore, the “NBA Young Boy Car collection” is a testament to the luxury and success that have become synonymous with “NBA YoungBoy’s Net Worth.” Through his journey, “NBA YoungBoy’s” achievements in the music industry are reflected in the growth of “NBA YoungBoy’s Net Worth 2024,” underscoring his financial success and the tangible assets that he has accrued.

Breaking Down NBA YoungBoy’s Income Streams

The primary source of NBA YoungBoy’s income stems from his music sales and streaming royalties. His YouTube channel, with several videos surpassing billions of views, contributes significantly to his earnings through ad revenue. This section provides an in-depth look at these revenue streams, along with his concert tours and merchandise sales.

A Milestone with Atlantic Records

NBA YoungBoy’s signing with Atlantic Records in August 2017 marked a pivotal moment in his career. The success of “Outside Today,” the main single from his first studio album, Until Death Call My Name, is a highlight. We will delve into the album’s achievements and its impact on his net worth.

👤 Name Kentrell DeSean Gaulden
💰 Net Worth (2024) $12 Million
🎤 Profession Rapper
📅 Monthly Income $80,000 +
📈 Yearly Income $1 Million +
🎶 Genres Hip hop, Southern hip hop, Gangsta rap, Trap
⏳ Years Active 2015–present
🏷️ Labels Never Broke Again, Motown (current); Atlantic (former)
📆 Last Updated 2024

Chart-Topping Hits and Albums

NBA YoungBoy’s track “Bandit,” in collaboration with Juice Wrld, became his first top-ten hit. His album AI YoungBoy 2 not only reached #1 on the charts but also cemented his status in the industry. This section will explore these hits and their contribution to his financial growth.

NBA YoungBoy’s Lavish Lifestyle:

Cars and More Known for his extravagant lifestyle, NBA YoungBoy boasts an impressive car collection and luxurious assets. This section will give readers a glimpse into his lifestyle, highlighting his car collection and other assets that reflect his net worth.

NBA YoungBoy’s Influence on Social Media

With a significant presence on various social media platforms, NBA YoungBoy has leveraged these channels not just for engagement but also as income sources. This section will discuss how his social media accounts contribute to his overall wealth.

NBA YoungBoy's Net Worth 2024 NBA YoungBoy Net Worth NBA Young Boy Car collection NBA Young Boy Assets NBA YoungBoy's

  1. Music Sales and Streaming Royalties

    • Primary Source: NBA YoungBoy’s music sales and streaming royalties form the backbone of his income. His strong presence on digital music platforms has ensured a steady flow of revenue from these channels.
    • Impact of Streaming: With the music industry’s shift towards streaming, his earnings from platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and others play a crucial role in his overall income.
  2. YouTube Channel Revenue

    • Significant Earnings: NBA YoungBoy’s YouTube channel is a substantial revenue generator, thanks to his massive viewership. Videos with billions of views contribute to a significant portion of his earnings through ad revenue.
    • Fan Engagement: His channel not only serves as an income source but also as a platform for fan engagement and promotion of new releases.
  3. Concert Tours

    • Live Performances: NBA YoungBoy’s concert tours are another major contributor to his income. Ticket sales and merchandise sold at these events add to his earnings.
    • Fan Base Impact: His ability to draw large crowds to his live performances underlines the loyalty of his fan base and the popularity of his music.
  4. Merchandise Sales

    • Branded Merchandise: Sales of branded merchandise, including clothing and other items, offer an additional revenue stream.
    • Marketing Strategies: Effective marketing of his merchandise, often tied to album releases or tours, enhances this source of income.
  5. Record Label Deals

    • Contract with Atlantic Records: His deal with Atlantic Records marked a significant financial milestone. Advances, royalties, and other contractual benefits from the label are key components of his income.
    • Album Releases: The financial success of his albums under the label, like “Until Death Call My Name,” contributes notably to his overall earnings.
  6. Collaborations and Features

    • Collaborative Tracks: Collaborations with other artists, like the hit song “Bandit” with Juice Wrld, not only broaden his musical reach but also add to his financial gains.
    • Feature Fees: Earnings from featuring in other artists’ tracks are an additional source of income.

NBA Young Boy Assets : The Foundations of His Net Worth

NBA Young Boy Assets List 2024

  1. Real Estate Investments

    • Properties: NBA YoungBoy is known to have invested in real estate, which includes residential properties. These investments not only provide him with a stable asset base but also have the potential for appreciation over time.
    • Location & Value: The specifics of his properties, such as their locations and current market values, contribute significantly to his overall asset portfolio.
  2. NBA Young Boy Car collection

    • Luxury and Exotic Cars: NBA YoungBoy boasts an impressive car collection, which includes several luxury and high-performance vehicles. These cars are not just modes of transport but also symbolize his status and success.
    • Models & Brands: His collection likely includes cars from renowned brands, each adding a considerable amount to his asset base.
  3. Music Catalog

    • Rights and Royalties: His music catalog, which includes all his released tracks, mixtapes, and albums, is a valuable asset. Owning the rights to his music means he continues to earn royalties, adding to his net worth.
    • Licensing: The licensing of his music for various uses, such as in films, advertisements, or other media, also forms part of his assets.
  4. Investments in Other Ventures

    • Business Ventures: Besides music, NBA YoungBoy may have investments in other business ventures, although specifics might not be publicly available. These investments can diversify his asset portfolio and contribute to his wealth.
    • Growth Potential: The growth potential of these investments plays a crucial role in his financial planning and asset accumulation.
  5. Personal Belongings

    • Jewelry and Watches: High-value personal belongings, such as jewelry and luxury watches, are often part of a celebrity’s assets. These items, often custom-made and unique, can be substantial in value.
    • Art and Collectibles: Any art pieces or collectibles owned by NBA YoungBoy would also contribute to his asset base, given their potential to appreciate in value.

NBA YoungBoy’s Car Collection: A Symbol of Luxury and Status

NBA YoungBoy, with a net worth estimated at $12 million as of 2024, has a penchant for luxury cars, which are a significant part of his lifestyle. Here’s an insight into his car collection:

  1. McLaren

    • Known for its speed and sleek design, the McLaren is a standout piece in NBA YoungBoy’s collection. It symbolizes not only wealth but also a taste for high performance and engineering excellence.
  2. Rolls-Royce

    • A symbol of ultimate luxury, Rolls-Royce models are a common choice among celebrities. NBA YoungBoy’s collection includes at least one of these opulent vehicles, known for their bespoke design and superior comfort.
  3. Lamborghini

    • A brand synonymous with extravagance and speed, a Lamborghini in NBA YoungBoy’s garage highlights his preference for fast, eye-catching sports cars.
  4. Mercedes-Benz

    • Known for their sophisticated engineering and luxury, Mercedes-Benz models in his collection showcase a blend of performance and elegance.
  5. BMW

    • BMWs are known for their blend of luxury and performance, making them a popular choice for those who appreciate high-end, well-engineered vehicles.
  6. Dodge

    • Known for their muscle cars, a Dodge in his collection indicates an appreciation for classic, powerful American automotive design.
  7. Chevrolet

    • Including models like the Chevrolet Corvette, which is renowned for its performance and classic American sports car appeal.


    • High-End Brands and Models

      • NBA YoungBoy’s garage is believed to house several high-end cars from prestigious brands. These vehicles are not just modes of transportation but also represent the pinnacle of automotive luxury and performance.
  1. Customizations and Unique Features

    • Many of his cars are likely customized to his preferences, featuring unique colors, interiors, and modifications that set them apart. These customizations add personal value as well as financial value to the vehicles.
  2. Status Symbols

    • For NBA YoungBoy, these cars are more than just assets; they are symbols of his success in the music industry and his journey. Each car in his collection tells a story of achievement and personal taste.
  3. Investment Value

    • Beyond their use and aesthetic appeal, these cars also hold investment value. Certain models from renowned brands can appreciate over time, especially limited editions or rare finds.
  4. Reflection of Personal Style

    • The choice of cars in NBA YoungBoy’s collection reflects his personal style and preferences. Whether it’s a preference for speed, luxury, or a blend of both, his cars are a direct reflection of his personality. NBA Young Boy Car collection , NBA Young Boy Assets , NBA Young Boy Assets 
📅 Year 💰 Net Worth (Million)
2024 $12 Million
2023 $11 Million
2022 $10 Million
2021 $9 Million
2020 $8 Million
2019 $7 Million

Conclusion: NBA YoungBoy’s net worth of $12 million as of 2024 is the result of a multifaceted approach to earning. His diverse income sources, ranging from music sales to YouTube revenue and concert tours, underscore his savvy in capitalizing on various aspects of the music industry.


What is NBA YoungBoy’s real name?

NBA YoungBoy’s real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden.

How did NBA YoungBoy rise to fame?

NBA YoungBoy rose to fame through his music career, initially gaining attention with his independent mixtape releases between 2015 and 2017. His unique style and raw lyrical content resonated with a wide audience, leading to his rapid rise in the hip-hop industry.

What are some of NBA YoungBoy’s most popular songs?

Some of his most popular songs include “Outside Today,” “Bandit” with Juice Wrld, and tracks from his chart-topping album “AI YoungBoy 2.” NBA Young Boy Car collection NBA Young Boy Assets

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