Canara Bank Balance Check: 3 Easy Ways to Check Your Balance in 2023

Canara Bank Balance Enquiry Number 2023 provides customers a quick and convenient way to check their account balances. This service enhances security and helps account holders monitor their finances effectively. Regularly utilizing the Canara Bank balance check options via missed calls or SMS offers insights into spending patterns. A hassle-free registration process at the home branch is recommended for those who have yet to link their mobile numbers. Stay in control of your finances with Canara Bank’s user-friendly balance check methods: Read all information about missed calls or SMS. Canara Bank Missed Call Canara Bank Net Banking

Canara Bank Balance Check Canara Bank Missed Call Canara bank balance enquiry. Canara Bank Net Banking Canara Account Balance Check

Canara Bank Balance Check

Currently, Canara Bank offers a complimentary balance check service that lets you effortlessly monitor your account balances and transactions anytime. This service is crucial for maintaining financial oversight, curbing unnecessary expenses, and more. To access this convenience, follow a simple process: visit Canara Bank’s official website and provide your account number or IBAN. Immediately, you’ll have access to a consolidated overview of your account details, simplifying financial insights into one place. This resource is essential for those dedicated to actively managing their financial health.

In addition to the Canara Bank balance inquiry number mentioned earlier, the bank offers dedicated contact numbers for international callers. A non-toll-free balance inquiry number is available for those contacting from abroad. It’s important to know that using this service could involve certain user fees. For urgent situations, non-resident Indian (NRI) account holders holding Canara Bank savings accounts can quickly seek assistance by dialling +91-80-22064232. This provision guarantees swift support during unexpected circumstances.

Canara Bank Missed Call Balance Check By Calling The Toll-Free Number Number

Initiating a Canara Bank missed call balance check is a breeze—dial the provided toll-free number. This number is a gateway to the bank’s dedicated customer care centre, facilitating inquiries about account status, recent transactions, and payments. Yet, a note of caution: occasional delays in connecting with a representative might occur. Sometimes, calls could redirect to the general helpline, leading to a wait on hold.

Canara Bank strives to enhance user experience with innovative missed-call banking services, offering access to convenient features such as retrieving mini statements, checking balances, and obtaining loan-related details. Prefer Hindi? Dial 09015613613 for a quick balance check. For English, dial 09015483483—a missed call results in an SMS with your account balance. Streamline your banking experience effortlessly.

Unlocking insights into your recent financial activities is a breeze—trigger a missed call to Canara Bank at 09015734734. This innovative addition takes user accessibility a step further, elevating the simplicity of managing your Canara Bank account.

Canara bank balance enquiry

Staying attuned to your account balance is paramount in the ever-evolving banking realm. Canara Bank’s balance enquiry services, a key player in India’s financial landscape, presents an array of user-friendly approaches to monitor your balance. Dive into these straightforward and effective methods, ensuring you’re always in command of your financial well-being.

Missed Call Balance EnquiryDial 09015483483Receive account balance via SMS quickly
SMS Balance EnquiryAccess your account balance easily on your mobileSend “CANBAL user-id MPIN” to 5607060
Net BankingLog in to your account on the websiteCheck balance and other financial details online
Mobile BankingUse the CANDI mobile appAccess account balance easily on your mobile
USSD MethodDial *99# and follow promptsInstant access to account details on your screen

1. Missed Call Balance Enquiry

Keep your financial updates a missed call away! Dial 09015483483 and experience the convenience of receiving an SMS with your account balance. An instant and efficient method to stay in the know.

2. SMS Balance Enquiry

Text your way to financial insights! Send “CANBAL user-id MPIN” to 5607060 and receive your current balance details via SMS. A user-friendly option for staying informed on the go.


3. Net Banking

Seamlessly manage your finances online! Visit Canara Bank’s official website and log in to access your account balance and other financial information. A secure way to monitor your funds.

4. Mobile Banking

Banking at your fingertips! Utilize the CANDI mobile app to effortlessly check your account balance and stay updated on the move. A modern approach to account management.

5. USSD Method

Quick and straightforward! Dial *99# on your mobile device, follow the prompts, and receive your account details instantly. A direct route to account balance information.

6. Additional Information

  • Last 5 Transactions in English: Dial 09015734734 to receive a mini statement of your last five transactions. Stay in the loop about recent financial activities.
  • Last 5 Transactions in Hindi: Dial 09015613613 for a mini statement of your last five transactions in Hindi. Convenient for Hindi-speaking customers.
  • Missed Call Convenience: After registering your mobile number, dial 09015483483 for account balance details. The call will disconnect automatically, followed by an SMS containing your account balance.

For those moments of urgency, especially for Non-Resident Indian (NRI) account holders, Canara Bank provides specific contact details. Dial +91-80-22064232 to seek assistance during emergencies.

In conclusion, Canara Bank empowers you with diverse methods for effortless balance enquiries. Choose the technique that resonates with you, and ensure you’re always in control of your financial journey. Stay informed and stay empowered with Canara Bank.


Canara Bank Account Balance Check Online by Internet Banking

Canara Bank enables customers to access their bank accounts online via net banking. For that, the customer must register for net banking services.

  • First, the customer must log in to the Canara Bank net banking portal using his/her customer id and password.
  • The customer’s bank account will be displayed on the screen. Click on ‘Bank Details’
  • The bank balance checks online, and the statement option will be displayed on the next screen.
  • Account-holders can also check the bank statement, access mini-statement, open a savings account, start FD/RD or do fund transfers using Canara Bank net banking.

Canara Bank Net Banking Self-Registration

Individual customers having active debit/credit cards or joint accounts (1st holder with either or survivor operating condition) can self-register for net banking. For self-registration, the customer needs-

  1. Active debit/credit card
  2. Valid email registered with the bank account
  3. Valid mobile number registered with the bank account
  4. Customer ID
  5. 13-digit Account number

Canara Bank Balance Check By SMS

Canara Bank is offering its customers the ability to check their balances and transactions via SMS. This service is available on Android and iOS phones and can monitor your account status, view recent transactions, and more. You can also receive alerts for any unusual activity or changes in your account balance. This is an excellent way to keep tabs on your finances and stay informed about your account status without visiting the bank in person.

  • Even if you don’t have an active internet connection or smartphone, you can still check your account balance via SMS.
  • Send an SMS in the following format to 5607060 using your registered mobile number.
  • CANABAL” <space> “USERID” <space> MPIN
  • For Instance: CANBAL xxxxxx 22222

Canara Bank Account Balance Check Through USSD

Canara Bank USSD is an innovative mobile banking service that allows you to check your account balance and transaction history without having to visit a bank branch. Send a USSD request to 888; our customer care team will gladly help you.

Canara Bank also offers bank balance inquiries via USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data). This is a handy feature for those who do not have an internet environment or a smartphone.


For the Canara bank balance enquiry, proceed to the next step.

  • Use your dialer to dial *99*46# on your registered mobile number.
  • Choose your preferred language.
  • Your IVR (Interactive Voice Response) will ask you to enter your 2-digit bank code or IFSC code. Please enter your request.
  • Follow the instructions to check your Canara Bank account balance or get a mini statement.

Missed Call Banking: A Seamless Solution
Are you searching for an effortless way to manage missed calls and messages while simultaneously conducting balance checks? Look no further – missed call banking offers the perfect solution. This online bank balance check method lets you maintain a comprehensive record of missed calls, messages, and interactions. This log includes vital information such as precise timestamps, dates, and contact numbers. With this valuable repository, you can address emerging challenges and ensure an exceptional customer experience focused on online bank balance checks and missed call services.

Canara Bank Balance Check through Toll-free Numbers

Canara Bank offers its customers the convenience of checking their account balances through toll-free numbers. For customers with Canara Bank savings accounts in India, here are the toll-free numbers available for balance enquiry:

  • 1800-425-0018
  • 1800 103 0018
  • 1800 208 3333
  • 1800 3011 3333

For customers residing outside India, a special non-toll-free number is provided for balance enquiries:

  • +91-80-22064232 (User charges will apply)

These numbers are available 24×7, except on Canara Bank holidays such as 15th August, 2nd October, and 26th January.

Canara Bank Net Banking Self-Registration

Individual customers with active debit/credit cards or joint accounts (with the first holder having “either or survivor” operating conditions) can self-register for Canara Bank’s net banking. To self-register, customers need the following:

  • Active debit/credit card
  • Valid email address registered with the bank account
  • Valid mobile number registered with the bank account
  • Customer ID
  • 13-digit Account number

You must use your registered mobile number and make a missed call to any of the aforementioned numbers to take advantage of missed call services. However, the bank will send you a bank balance check SMS if you do not use the registered mobile number for the balance inquiry service. The message will say that Canara Bank has registered your phone number for mobile banking services. Visit the branch closest to you and fill out an application to register your mobile number. For Canara Bank missed call balance inquiries, follow these steps once you have registered your mobile number.

FAQ About Canara Bank Net Banking?

How can I check my mobile balance in Canara?

Canara Bank customers can dial the Canara Bank customer number for Canara bank balance enquiry: 09015483483 (for English) or 09015613613 (for Hindi).

How can I check my last five bank account balances in Canara Bank?

Give a missed call to Canara Bank Mini Statement number 09015734734 for mini statement in English & 09015613613 to enquire about the last 5 transactions in Hindi. The system will disconnect the call after two bank balance check SMS rings.

How can I check my balance without calling?

On the bank’s website

To check your account balance, log in to your bank’s online banking website using your username and password. Once you’re logged in, navigate to the account balance section. It should be listed under “accounts” or “account information.

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