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Suppose your Aadhar Card has been lost or you want to download an electronic copy of your Aadhar Card (E-Aadhaar Card Download, Aadhaar Enrollment Agency, Face Aadhar Card Download) online. In that case, you can do so by showing only your face. This will not necessitate the use of an OTP or a TOTP. UIDAI New Update, Adhar Card Online Download, aadhaar card download latest process.

Face Aadhar Card Download

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has added a new option to its official website that allows you to download the Aadhaar card only by showing your face. (Download Face Aadhar Card) You No Longer Need To Keep Your Registered Mobile Number Nearby To Download This Aadhar Card.

Face Aadhar Card Download

 Face Aadhar Download Benefits

There Are Many Aadhaar Card Holders Whose Mobile Number Is Not Registered In Their Aadhaar Card, Making It Difficult For Them To Download The Electronic Copy (E-Aadhaar Card) Of Their Aadhaar Card.

In light of this issue, UIDAI has added a new face Aadhar Card download option on its official website, allowing such Aadhar Card holders to also download their Aadhar Card online. Aadhar Card Does Not Have A Mobile Number Link.

You would not be required to provide OTP or TOTP in order to download your Aadhar card online.

Download “E Aadhaar Card” By Showing Face

Under This Facility, If The Mobile Number Is Not Registered In The Aadhaar Card Of The Aadhaar Card Holders, Then They Can Download The Copy Of The Aadhaar Card Online Only By Showing Their Face, For This It Is Not Necessary That Their Aadhar Card Has A Mobile Number Should Be Registered.

That Is, The Tremendous Benefit Of This New Facility Will Be Given To Such People Whose Mobile Number Is Not Updated Or Registered In The Aadhaar Card Yet.

Benefits Of Registering Mobile Number In Aadhaar Card

If The Mobile Number Is Registered In Your Aadhaar Card, Then UIDAI Gives You A Lot Of Benefits, Some Of Which Are The Main Ones Which We Are Telling You Below.

  • Downloading Copy Of Aadhaar Card Online Quite Easily
  • Easily Locking And Unlocking Biometric In Your Aadhaar Card
  • Viewing Information About Usage Of
  • Aadhaar Card Online Updating Online Address In Aadhaar Card Manually.
  • Can Online Mobile Number Sitting At Home Be Added To Aadhaar Card? Can We Link Or Update Online Mobile Number In Aadhaar Card
  • Ration Card Online Application. Online Application Form.
  • UIDAI Aadhaar Card Updates: You Can Make E-Aadhaar Card Through Smartphone Online, What Is The Process?
  • What Is EVP, Electors Verification Program, Why It Is Mandatory For Every Voter ID Card Holders To Do This?

How To Register Mobile Number In Aadhaar Card 

If You Also Want To Get Your Mobile Number Registered Or Updated In The Aadhaar Card, There Is No Online Facility For This; You Can Only Get The Mobile Number Registered Or Updated In The Aadhaar Card Through Aadhaar Enrollment Or Updation Center. By clicking here, you can learn how to get an Aadhaar update through enrollment or the update center.


How To Download Aadhaar Card By Showing Face

  • First You Have To Click On This Given Link.
  • By Clicking On The Link, You Will Go To The UIDAI Website And You Will See Some Options Here Which We Have Shown You Below.
  • Download-Aadhaar-card-Using-Face-Authentication, Aadhaar Enrollment Agency
  • Here You Have To Enter Your Aadhaar Card Number Or Virtual ID Card Number Or Enrollment ID Number.
  • Right Now You Will See Three Options Like OTP / TOTP / FACE AUTH
  • You Have To Fill Captcha Code And Click On The Option Of FACE AUTH .
  • If You Are Doing This Process In Your Mobile, Then By Clicking On Face Auth (Face Aadhar Card Download) , Your Front Camera Will Start Working, Similarly If You Do This Whole Process Through Your Laptop. If You Are, Then The Camera Of The Laptop Will Start Working And If You Are Doing This Process Through The Desktop, Then You Will Have To Use A Webcam.
  • As Soon As The Camera Starts Working, It Will Have To Bring Its Face In Front Of The Camera And Keep Its Face Steady For Some Time So That It Can Be Captured.
  • Download-E-Aadhaar-Card-Using-Face-CAPTURE, UIDAI New Update,
  • As Soon As Your Face Is Captured, A Survey Form Opens In Front Of You, In This Survey Form You Have To Answer Two Small Questions.
  • You Fill The Survey Form And Click On The Download Button, Your Aadhaar Card Gets Downloaded, That Too With Your Face.

Franquently Asked Questions (FAQs) By Aadhar Card Holders


The E-Aadhaar Card Is A Copy Of The Aadhaar Card Secured By A Password Which Is Digitally Signed By The UIDAI, The Aadhaar Card Maker.
(In Simple Words, You Can See And Use The E-Aadhaar Card But Cannot Touch And Feel It .)

Is E-Aadhar Equally Valid Like Physical Copy Of Aadhar?

If We Talk About The Aadhaar Act, Then It Is Clearly Stated In The Aadhaar Act That You Can Use The Aadhaar Card Completely At Such Places Where Physical Aadhaar Card Is Used. That Is, “Yes”, Both The E-Aadhaar Card And The Aadhaar Card With Paper Are Completely Identical And Can Be Used.

What Is Masked Aadhar?

The Mask Aadhaar Card Is Also An Aadhaar Card, But Your Aadhar Card’s Full Numbers Are Not Visible Above It. Only A Few Numbers Of Your Aadhaar Card Are Displayed In The Mask Aadhaar Card.

How To Download Aadhaar Card?

Step To Download Aadhar Card Online

  • Go To UIDAI Official Website
  • Click On My Aadhar Then Click Aadhar Download
  • Enter Your Aadhar Card Number Or Enrollment ID Number
  • Click On Send OTP
  • Enter Otp Download Aadhar

How To Download E-Aadhaar Card Online Which We Have Told You Above In Detail, Click Here.


How To Download New Aadhar Card.

We Have Already Told You The Process Of Downloading The New Aadhaar Card, You Can Download The Aadhaar Card Very Easily By Following The Methods Mentioned By Us. Click Here For Details

How Can I Check My Aadhar Card Status Online

  • To Check The Status Of Aadhaar Card, First Of All You Have To Go To The Official Website Of UIDI.
  • After Visiting The Site, You Have To Select The My Aadhaar Option. होगा
  • Select Check-Aadhaar-Status Option Under My Aadhaar
  • Here You Will Be Able To Check The Status Of Your Aadhaar Card Online By Entering Your Enrollment ID And Captcha Code.

What Is The Password Of E-Aadhaar Card

  • Aadhaar Card Password Consists Of The First Four Letters Of Your Name And 4 Letters Of Your Year Of Birth, Above Which We Have Told You The Detail. Click Here For More Information ↗

Can I Download My Aadhar Card By Name Only?

Talking About Now, You Cannot Download The Aadhaar Card Only Because Of Your Name. Earlier There Was An Option To Download The Aadhaar Card On UIDI’s Website, But This Option Has Been Removed. To Download Aadhaar Card, Any Of The Following Must Be Present With You

  • Aadhar Card Number
  • Virtual ID Card Number
  • Enrollment ID Number
  • Can We Reprint Aadhar Card / Can I Get My Aadhar Card Reprinted?
  • “ Hai “ You Can Get Your Aadhaar Card Reprinted, For This UIDAI Has Given You The Option. Click Here For More Information On How To Print Aadhaar Card Again.

How Can I Get My Original Aadhar Card?

If Your Aadhaar Card Is Lost By The UIDAI, The Institution That Makes Aadhaar Card, Then You Can Get Your Original Aadhaar Card Back To Your Address At The Same Address Where You Are Staying. To Order Aadhar Card Again, You Will Need To Use The Order Aadhar Card Reprint Option Given On UIDAI Website .

What If My Aadhar Card Is Lost?

You Do Not Need To Worry If Your Aadhaar Card Is Stolen. If you remember your Aadhaar Card Number and registered mobile number, you can download your Aadhaar Card online. If you want to retrieve the original Aadhaar Card, you can also apply for an Aadhar Card Reprint.

Is Duplicate Aadhaar Card Valid?

 If The Copy Of Aadhaar Card Is Printed On Ordinary Light Paper, Then It Is Considered Valid. The Aadhaar Card Printed On Plastic And Anything Else Is Not Considered Completely Valid


How Can I Registered Mobile Number In Aadhar Card Online? 

If It Is Talked About Adding Mobile Number Online In Aadhaar Card, Then Its Facility Has Been Discontinued, To Add Mobile Number To Aadhar Card, You Will Have To Go To Your Aadhaar Enrollment Agency And Apply. UIDAI New Update

  • Go To Aadhaar Enrollment Or Update Agency
  • Fill The Correction Form To Add A Mobile Number To The Aadhaar Card.
  • Enter The Number You Want To Associate With The Aadhar Card And After Filling The Form, Give Your Biometric Details.
  • After Biometric Authentication, A New Mobile Number Will Be Added To Your Aadhaar Card.

(FAQs)? Face Aadhar Card Download

फेस ऑथेंटिकेशन से आधार कार्ड डाउनलोड कैसे करे

फेस ऑथेंटिकेशन से आधार कार्ड डाउनलोड डाऊनलोड करने के लिए UIADI की आधिकरिक वेबसाइट या AadhaarFaceRd App का इस्तेमाल कर सकते हैं।

Aadhaar Face Authentication App कब लॉन्च होगा।

यूआईएडीआई ने AadhaarFaceRd Aadhaar Face Authentication App लॉन्च कर दिया है। aadhaar card download latest process

AadhaarFaceRd App Benifits

यूआईडीएआई द्वारा लॉन्च की गई आधार फेसआरडी के माध्यम से आधार यूजर बहुत सारे आधार एप्लीकेशंस के लिए फेस ऑथेंटिकेशन फीचर का उपयोग कर सकते हैं जैसे: जीवन प्रमाण,राशन वितरण (पीडीएस), कोविन वैक्सिनेशन ऐप ,छात्रवृत्ति योजनाएं और किसान कल्याण आदि। aadhaar card download latest process

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