National Education Policy: Everything You Need to Know About the New Education Policy

The National Education Policy (NEP 2020) came out 3 years ago. Schools and colleges are still trying to use it. NCERT is changing books for students from class 1 to 12. Education groups are changing what they teach based on this policy. Today, we’re discussing how NEP 2020 is used and the National Education Policy Restructure Academic Education NEP 2020 New Education Policy big changes it will bring to India’s schools.

National Education Policy Restructure Academic Education NEP 2020 New Education Policy

How the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 is being implemented.

The Education Department, once called the Human Resource Department, helps schools follow the new National Education Policy. The CBSE board has changed and shortened some lesson topics because of this policy. NCERT will give out new books for young students and improve books for older students. You can see the big changes and when they will happen across India.

Restructure Academic education 

Before, the Indian school system had classes from 1 to 12, split as 10 + 2. Students could choose subjects only in classes 11 and 12. But the new NEP 2020 policy changed it to 5 + 3 + 3 + 4. Before school started from class 1. Now, the new policy counts learning in places like Bal Vatika and Anganwadi. The number 5 means 5 years: first 3 years in preschool and Anganwadi, then 2 years in classes 1 and 2. This is called the Foundation stage. Next, there’s a 3-year stage from class 3 to 5. Then, a middle stage from class 6 to 8. Lastly, a secondary stage from class 9 to 12. This is a big change for schools in India.

Freedom to choose topics

Before, students could choose subjects after the 10th class. Now, they can pick subjects they like from class 9. This means they study what they want for 4 years, from class 9 to 12. They don’t have to take set subjects. For example, they can study Hindi, Physics, and Economics together. Experts say this new way lets students study what they like.

Pay attention to the local language.

The new education policy in 2020 wants kids to learn in their local language. They can learn other languages, too. But for the first 8 years, which includes the Foundation and preparing stages, they will mostly learn in their local language. Kids find it easier to share their thoughts in their language. This helps them learn their language better.

Getting into college based on a test

Big universities are letting students in only if they take a CUET test. The new education policy in 2020 suggested this. Some local universities still let students in based on their grades. However, most universities use the CUET test results. For other courses like engineering and medicine, they already have tests like NEET and JEE to decide who gets in.

Changes to the big school tests

The national group for school subjects is using the new education plan. They said big school tests will happen two times a year. Before, these tests were only once a year. They think having the test twice will make students less stressed. It can also help students get better grades.


So, the new education plan is making changes to help students. By having big tests twice a year, students might feel less stressed and do better in school. This shows that the goal is to make learning easier for everyone.


What is the new education plan?

It’s a plan to change how schools work in India to help students learn better.

How often will the big school tests be?

It will be twice a year now instead of just once.

Why are they changing the test times?

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