Personal Loan Without PAN Card: 101% Loan Approval for ₹50,000 Without PAN Card

 In order to apply for a “Personal Loan” at any bank or financial institution, a PAN card is a necessary document. While the majority of citizens have already applied for PAN cards and are using them for various purposes, some are still in the process of applying for “personal loan’s eligibility” and have not yet applied for PAN cards. We’ll talk about a way to apply for a “Personal Loan Without PAN Card” with you today. This article, “Personal Loan Without PAN Card,” will provide you with a list of additional documents that can be used in lieu of a PAN card if you’re also looking for a “Personal Loan 2024” quickly.

Personal Loan Without PAN Card Personal Loan 2024 personal loan's eligibility A personal loan's Approval for ₹50,000


Personal Loan 2024 Absent PAN Card

The Indian government claims that a PAN card is an essential document for all citizens, enabling them to monitor their transactional activity. However, every transaction involving more than 50,000 rupees requires a PAN card. In other words, you can obtain a personal loan from your bank for a maximum of 50,000 rupees without a PAN card. This loan amount is available to applicants for a variety of uses, such as festivities, festivals, marriage ceremonies, and education.

A personal loan’s eligibility without a PAN card

Before submitting an application for a personal loan without a PAN card, you must adhere to the bank’s qualifying requirements. Additionally, you can review the eligibility requirements given below:

  • The candidate must be older than eighteen years old and an Indian citizen. However, the maximum age allowed by the various institutions should not exceed 60 or 65.
  • The applicant should be self-employed or have a reliable source of income from their job.
  • The applicant’s yearly monthly income must be greater than fifteen thousand rupees.
  • A strong CIBIL score of greater than 750 is required to be eligible for an immediate personal loan.

Important documents for applying personal loan without the PAN card

As we know Pan card is a very important and crucial document which is always required in every bank or financial company which provides loan for ekyc purposes. But you can also follow this documents in the absence of PAN card the bank will  operate with you and provide you loan based on this documents the documents which are required to get loan without PAN card are listed below:

1 aadhar card
2 electricity bill
3 voter ID card
4 salary slip of last three months
5 employment proof
6 statement of bank in last three months
7 any other government approved ID will increase your trustability.

How to apply for personal loan without a pan card

Applicants can apply personal loan without a pan card in online way on various platforms which includes mobile applications banks or website. However if you are not satisfied with online system then you can physically visit the nearest branch and apply manually providing all the documents and information. Follow this steps to apply online personal loan without a pen card.

1 first of all visit the website of the bank or mobile applications of the Bank
2 now you have to click on personal loan section and remember that amount should not be less than 50000 rupees.
3 after applying you need to complete KYC providing information based on your Aadhar card voter card electricity Bill etc.
4 after registering all the documents click on submit then you will get the OTP on your register mobile number for the verification proposes.
5 once the verification is completed you need to select the near of your loan amount to repay that’s all then you will be sanctioned for your loan amount you have asked for.

Now your application will be successfully submitted to the bank and you have to wait for the approval once your application is approved you will receive the loan amount in a bank account.


Instruction for applying loan without a pan card

You can only apply to those mobile applications are the companies which is Authorized by the RBI. There are many online companies who defrauds their customers by asking the personal details like PAN card in Aadhar card.
If you are applying for a loan in a third party company then you must look after the interest rate as many companies have their higher interest 36% of their customer so if you have to pay a large number of money for interest in this company if you do not then please check the terms and conditions and policies of the company thank you for reading Our article till the end have a great day. Personal Loan Without PAN Card Personal Loan 2024 personal loan’s eligibility A personal loan’s Approval for ₹50,000

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