Sahara India Refund List: Apply & Login, Name Wise List, Payment Status Check

Sahara India Refund List: The Sahara refund portal is an initiative by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to facilitate the refund process for investors who had invested in the optionally fully convertible debentures (OFCDs) of two Sahara group companies. Many people in India invested their money in Sahara India. But some had problems and wanted their money back. The government made a special website called the Sahara Refund Portal to help these people. This article will tell you about this portal. In This Article, We Are Going To Tell You All About Sahara India Refund List Sahara Portal Registration & Login Sahara India Payment Status CRCS Sahara Refund Portal.

What is the Sahara Refund Portal?

Sahara Portal Registration & Login: The Sahara Refund Portal is a special website made by the government. It helps people who put their money in Sahara India to get their money back. The website was made because the court said so. Right now, people can get back up to ₹10,000. Many people have already used this website and got their money. If you also put money in Sahara India, this website can help you.

Important Points about the Sahara Refund Portal

Who made it?The Central Government
Why was it made?To help people get their money back from Sahara India
How much can you get?Up to ₹10,000
How many people used it?Over one lakh people
Sahara India Payment status

How the Sahara Refund Portal Works

Sahara Portal Registration & Login: The Sahara Refund Portal is easy to use. First, people need to register on the website. They need to give some details and show some papers. After that, some officers will check everything. The money will be sent to the person’s bank account if everything is right. This whole thing takes about 45 days. Many people in India have put their money in Sahara India. So, this website is essential for them.

Sahara India Refund List  Sahara India Name Wise List  Sahara India Payment Status CRCS Sahara Refund Portal

Sahara India Refund List

Sahara India Refund Status: The article discusses the Sahara India Refund List, which is crucial for all investors who have invested in the Sahara India family. The refund portal was initiated after a court order, and investors are registering to claim their refunds. As of now, only ₹10,000 is being disbursed to the investors. The article mentions that many investors have already received their refunds and have checked their payment status.

Registration and Refund Process

Once an investor completes their registration, the authorities verify the details and upload documents. The amount is transferred to the investor’s account if everything is correct. The entire process, from registration to the transfer of funds, takes about 45 days.

Number of Investors

The article highlights that there are millions of investors in this company, and there’s a possibility that the Sahara India Refund could be issued. The list will include the names of investors who will be provided with the refund amount. However, as of 2023, the refund list has not been released, and there’s no official information regarding its release.

How to Check the Refund List

Sahara India Payment status: Even though the list hasn’t been released, investors can still check their payment status. There’s a link provided on the official portal to check the refund status. Additionally, investors can also check their payment status via SMS.

CRCS Sahara Refund Portal

The Central Government established the CRCS Sahara Refund Portal to assist investors facing issues with their investments in Sahara India. The portal aims to streamline the refund process, especially for matured investments. Investors need to register on the Sahara Refund Portal to participate. The Central Registrar of Cooperative Societies (CRCS) manages this portal, launched on 18th July 2023. Over one lakh individuals have already registered.

Portal Details

Those with funds tied up with Sahara India can use the official website to access the CRCS Sahara Refund Portal 2023. Original investment documents are essential for the refund process. The government aimed to complete the refund within 45 days from the portal’s launch. Eligible investors are currently being reimbursed up to ₹10,000.


Registration and Refund Process

Investors can register at This initiative covers four cooperative societies: Sahara Credit Cooperative Society Ltd., SUMSL, HICSL, and SMCSL. These societies have a combined deposit base of about 2.5 crore people, with individual deposits up to ₹30,000. Here You Can Check Sahara India’s Refund Status Easily.

Refund Status

Sahara India Refund Status: The CRCS-Sahara Refund Portal’s launch is a positive step for depositors who have invested with Sahara. The portal simplifies the refund process for Sahara Group cooperative societies’ investors. Depositors can apply for a refund on the website by providing details like PAN number, name, and address and uploading their investment certificate. The Sahara Refund Committee reviews the application, and upon approval, the refund is deposited into the depositor’s bank account.

How to Check Refund List

Sahara India Refund Status: Investors can check the Sahara refund list on the official portal by entering their registration and UID card numbers.

Steps to Apply

The article provides a step-by-step guide on how to apply for a refund on the CRCS Sahara Refund Portal.

Sahara Portal Registration & Login

Sahara Portal Registration & Login: The Sahara Refund Portal offers a solution for investors awaiting their refunds. To apply, investors must log in using their 12-digit membership number, the last four digits of their Aadhaar card number, and their Aadhaar-linked mobile number. Once registered, they receive a unique identifier for future portal interactions.


The Role of CRCS in the Sahara Refund Process

CRCS stands for Central Registrar of Cooperative Societies. It is a part of the government. CRCS has a big role in the Sahara Refund Portal. They made and looked after the portal. The main job of CRCS is to ensure that people get their money back well. The government started the CRCS Sahara Refund Portal on 18 July 2023. More than one lakh people have registered on the portal to get their money back since that day. If you have money stuck with Sahara India, the CRCS portal can help you. But remember, you need to have all your papers ready.

Essential Details about CRCS Sahara Refund Portal

AuthorityMinistry of Co-operation
Started byHome Minister Mr. Amit Shah
BeneficiariesAll Sahara Group Investors
Portal Launch Date18th July 2023
Total Investors10 Crore+ Investors
Refund AmountUp to ₹10,000
Sahara India Payment status

Cooperative Societies under CRCS Initiative

Society NameDetails
Sahara Credit Cooperative Society Ltd.Part of the refund initiative
SUMSLPart of the refund initiative
HICSLPart of the refund initiative
SMCSLPart of the refund initiative

How to Register and Use the CRCS Sahara Refund Portal

If you want to get your money back from Sahara India, use the CRCS Sahara Refund Portal. First, go to the website. There, you will find a place to register. You must give details like your Sahara Membership Number and Aadhaar Card Number. After that, you will get a special code on your phone. This code is called OTP. Put this code on the website. Now, you can use the website to ask for your money back. The website will give you a special number. Keep this number safe. You can use this number to see how your money is coming back.

Important Tips for Using the Portal

When you use the Sahara Refund Portal, remember some things. Always use the right website. Some bad people can make fake websites to steal your money. So, be careful. Also, keep all your papers ready. This will make the process fast. If you have any problem, the website has a phone number. You can call this number and ask for help. The number is 1800-103-6891. Always use the website in a safe place. Don’t share your details with anyone. This will keep your money safe.

Why the Sahara Refund Portal is Important

Many people in India gave their money to Sahara India. But after some time, they had problems getting their money back. This made many people sad and worried. The government saw this problem and wanted to help. So, they made the Sahara Refund Portal. This portal is like a bridge between Sahara India and the people. It helps people get their money back in a simple way. The Supreme Court also said that this portal is good. It is a big hope for all the people who are waiting for their money. The portal promises to give all the money back to the people. This is why the Sahara Refund Portal is essential.

Conclusion: The CRCS Sahara Refund Portal is a significant development for Sahara investors awaiting their refunds. It provides a reliable method for investors to reclaim their funds.


Checking Your Payment Status

Sahara India Payment Status: Sahara India Refund Status: Even if the list of people who will get money is not out, you can still see if you will. The website has a special link for this. You can also send an SMS to see your status. This is very helpful because people can know if they will get their money.

The Future of Sahara Refund

The Sahara Refund Portal is a big step for all the people who want their money back. But what will happen in the future? The government and CRCS are working hard to ensure everyone gets their money. They are also making the portal better every day. In the future, the portal might have more features to help people. Also, the process might become even faster. But people should also be careful. They should not believe in fake news or fake websites. Always use the right website and keep your details safe. The future looks good for all the people waiting for their Sahara refund.

Common Questions about Sahara Refund

Many people have questions about the Sahara Refund. They want to know how it works, how long it takes, and if it is safe. The government and CRCS have given answers to many questions. They have also made a helpline for people. If someone has a question, they can call and get an answer. The helpline is helping many people every day. It is making the refund process easy and clear for everyone.


The Sahara Refund Portal is a big help for many people in India. It is a sign of hope and trust. The government and CRCS are doing a great job. They are making sure that everyone gets their money back. People should use the portal in the right way and be patient. The refund process takes some time, but it is sure. Always remember to keep your details safe and use the right website. If you have any questions, use the helpline. The future of Sahara Refund looks bright and good for everyone.


Q1: What is the Sahara Refund Portal?

A1: It is a website made by the government to help people get their money back from Sahara, India. To Check Sahara India’s Payment Status.

Q2: How much money can I get back from the portal?

A2: Right now, you can get back up to ₹10,000. But this might change in the future.

Q3: Is the Sahara Refund Portal safe to use?

A3: Yes, it is safe. But always use the right website and keep your details safe.

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