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Study in India Portal?

The Study in India Portal is a dedicated website that provides comprehensive information about Indian Higher Education Institutions (In India Portal Registration). Initiated by the Education Ministry, the Study in India (In India Portal 2023) portal aims to promote Indian education to international students and reaffirm India’s position as a prominent hub for higher education ( !

Study In India Portal , ,2023 ,Registration ,Study In India Portal online Registration 2023 Portal Details in Highlights

Name of the portalStudy In India Portal
Initiated byGovernment of India
DepartmentMinistry of Education
objectiveTo Help International Students
Official websitehttps://www. /admission/login

The objective of Study in India Portal 2023

Dharmendra Pradhan, the Union Minister for Education, and Dr S. Jaishankar, the Union Minister for External Affairs, collaboratively inaugurated the Study in India (SII) portal. This online platform is exclusively designed to offer information about higher education institutions (HEIs) in India.

Features of Study in India Portal

The following are the features of the Study in India Portal 2023:

  • The Portal, a one-stop platform that would streamline the academic experience of foreign students in India, was officially launched in New Delhi by Union Ministers of Education, Skill Development, and Entrepreneurship Dharmendra Pradhan and S Jaishankar.
  • It will feature courses in the Indian Knowledge System (IKS), which includes Yoga, Ayurveda, traditional arts, and more, as well as undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees from HEIs. The portal will include details on the academic resources, research assistance, and relevant information the institutes offer.
  • Students from countries including Russia, Thailand, Japan, Ethiopia, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, and the Republic of Korea who were studying in India at the time gave souvenirs from their cultures to dignitaries as a sign of respect.

Advantages of Study in India Portal

The following are the advantages of the Study in India Portal:

  • The portal will give information about academic facilities, research support, other relevant topics, and comprehensive information about Indian higher education institutions. Additionally, it will offer a comprehensive one-stop process for registering students and submitting visa applications.
  • The Study in India (SII) Portal will provide examples of academic programs for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels and courses in traditional Indian knowledge systems, including yoga, ayurveda, and In India Portal Registration classical arts.
  • By accepting students from various backgrounds, the introduction of this portal aims to turn India into a centre of global education. It would also assist us in creating a significant international presence for India in the field of education.
  • The portal’s integrated design makes it possible for international students to apply in a user-friendly manner, from registration to visa  In India Portal Registration acceptance. This streamlines their entire process, making it easier for them to select their preferred courses and receive offers from pertinent universities.

Benefits of Study in India Portal from an Indian Perspective

The enrollment of international students undoubtedly benefits local students from an Indian perspective. It fosters a sense of belonging within an increasingly globalized world, equipping them to excel in an international job market. Hosting international students enhances understanding of their cultures, traditions, and thought processes. These students often become significant emissaries of goodwill for India upon returning to their home countries, sometimes even more effectively so.

The process to Register on Study in India Portal 2023

Follow the steps below to register on Study in India Portal.

  • Go to the official website of Study in India Portal i.e
  • On the portal, click the register option at the top of the page.
  • Enter the following information:
    • Given Name
    • Surname
    •  Country
    • Country code
    • Phone Number
    • Email
    • Confirm Email
    • Enter Password
    • Enter Confirm Password
  • Enter Captcha
  • Now click on the submit option.
  • In this way, you can easily register on the portal.

How to Login on the Portal?

Follow the steps below to log in to the Study in India Portal.

  • Go to the official website of Study in India Portal i.e. https://www. /admission/login
  • On the portal, click on the Login option at the top of the page.
  • Enter the following information:
  • SII Id or Email Id
  • Password
  • Click on the login option.

Entry Level Eligibility criteria

Indian higher education is broadly classified into four program levels,

  • The Undergraduate Courses
  • The Post-Graduate Courses
  • Doctoral Studies
  • Diploma or Certificate-Based Courses

The Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate studies typically span three to five years and are referred to as bachelor’s degrees. After three years of education, students are conferred a Bachelor’s degree in science, commerce, and the arts. For professional disciplines like pharmacy, engineering, or architecture, a bachelor’s degree is awarded after four or five years of study, respectively. It’s important to note that a minimum of 10+2 years of education is required to enrol in an undergraduate program.


The Post-Graduate Courses

In India, students can pursue a postgraduate program after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree, commonly called a Master’s. The chosen subjects are explored extensively during a postgraduate program. Typically, Indian institutions and colleges offer postgraduate programs with durations ranging from one to two

Doctoral Studies

Doctoral studies are a suitable option for students seeking a comprehensive understanding of a subject or field and aspiring to engage in research. Doctorate degrees (PhD programs) necessitate in-depth study or thesis work, typically completed in three to six years. It’s important to note that a postgraduate degree is a fundamental requirement for a PhD program.

Diploma Or Certificate-Based Courses

Students who wish to pursue short-term regular or specialized courses can opt for diploma programs. A prerequisite for enrolling in such courses is a minimum of 10+2 years of education. Many subjects, such as Buddhist Studies, Yoga and Naturopathy, Indian Dance & Music, Indian Cuisines, and Computers, offer diploma or certificate-based courses, with the duration varying across different institutes.

Note: Students must confirm that they meet the fundamental eligibility requirements before choosing any course or institution. Additionally, they should review the entry and admission requirements listed on each institute’s page for each course.

Courses Offered on Study in India Portal 2023

  • ARTS
  • LAW
  • YOGA

Institute Scholarship

Study in India partner institutes offer Institute Scholarships through tuition cost reductions. Over 164 institutes offer more than 90,000 institute scholarships, though the available scholarship amounts vary across institutes. It’s important to note that these In India Portal Registration concessions do not cover accommodation or canteen expenses. Students are responsible for covering all other fees, including lodging and food costs. In India Portal Registration The following four categories of Institute Scholarships are currently available for eligible students to apply:


Institute Scholarship Categories

Type of Institute ScholarshipFee WaivedTuition fees to be paid by studentsTuition fees to be paid by students

Contact Information

For more information contact on below mentioned phone number or email id

+91 120-6565065


FAQ’S Study In India Portal 2023

✅ How can I get a 100% scholarship in India?

How to get a full scholarship
Know where to look. …
Prepare in advance. …
Work hard and keep motivated. …
Make yourself stand out from other applicants. …
Read the In India Portal Registration application instructions carefully. …
Submit an exceptional scholarship essay or cover letter. …
Be realistic.

✅Who launched the Study in India Programme?

In line with Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s vision of re-establishing India as a global hub of education, Union Education and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship Minister Shri Dharmendra Pradhan and In India Portal Registration Union External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar jointly launched Study in India Portal in New Delhi today.

✅Is Study in India fully funded?

The Study in India Scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation & canteen costs. However, the Fee Waiver only offers concessions on the tuition fees (of the course that the student is pursuing).

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