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SunTrust Banks: A Pioneering Chapter in American Finance

SunTrust Banks, Inc., established in 1891 as part of the Trust Company of Georgia, and headquartered in Atlanta, has been a cornerstone in the American banking industry. With SunTrust Bank as its largest subsidiary, this bank holding company, which notably includes Sun Bank and was pivotal in the Trust Company of Georgia merger, boasted assets of US$199 billion as of March 31, 2018. The integration of The Robinson-Humphrey Company into its operations further exemplified its stature and influence in the financial sector.

The Evolution of SunTrust Banks

SunTrust Banks, Inc. emerged as a pivotal player in the American banking sector. Founded in 1891, its journey from a regional bank to a significant entity in the finance world is a story of strategic growth and innovation. With its primary business encompassing deposits, lending, credit cards, trust, and investment services, SunTrust has been at the forefront of offering comprehensive financial solutions to its customers.

SunTrust Bank  The Robinson-Humphrey Company Trust Company of Georgia merger  Financings & Team A Pillar of Strength Sun Bank

Expansive Reach and Diverse Services

As of September 2016, SunTrust operated 1,400 bank branches and 2,160 ATMs across 11 southeastern states and Washington, D.C. The company’s services extended beyond traditional banking, delving into corporate and investment banking, capital market services, mortgage banking, and wealth management. Employing nearly 24,000 people, SunTrust has been instrumental in shaping the banking landscape.

SunTrust Bank  The Robinson-Humphrey Company Trust Company of Georgia merger  Financings & Team A Pillar of Strength Sun Bank

Overcoming Challenges

Despite its success, SunTrust faced challenges, including a $1.5 billion settlement in 2013 to resolve claims of substandard mortgage practices. This was followed by a preliminary $968 million settlement with the U.S. government in 2014. These events highlight the complexities and responsibilities in the banking sector.

A Landmark Merger

In February 2019, a groundbreaking announcement reshaped SunTrust’s future. The proposed $28 billion all-stock acquisition by BB&T, set to create the sixth-largest U.S. lender, marked the most significant bank deal since the 2007-2008 financial crisis. This merger, culminating in the formation of Truist Financial Corporation in December 2019, signified a new era for SunTrust and the American banking industry.

Legacy and Transformation

The merger into Truist Financial Corporation marks a significant transition in SunTrust’s storied history. This move symbolizes a blend of traditional banking values with modern financial strategies, setting a precedent in the banking world.

Innovation in Financial Services: SunTrust’s Forward-Thinking Approach

SunTrust Banks stood out for its innovative approach to financial services. The institution was not just a bank; it was a trendsetter in introducing new banking technologies and customer service models. From early adoption of online banking platforms to the development of user-friendly mobile banking apps, SunTrust consistently pushed the boundaries to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency.

The Trust Company of Georgia: A Pillar of Strength

The Trust Company of Georgia, an integral part of SunTrust Banks, has been a symbol of trust and reliability in the region. This subsidiary played a crucial role in SunTrust’s growth, embodying a commitment to customer-centric services and community development. The Trust Company of Georgia’s history is not just about financial transactions but about building a legacy of community service and economic development.

Sun Bank: Expanding Horizons

Sun Bank, another key component of SunTrust Banks, exemplified the company’s dedication to expanding its reach and services. Operating across multiple states, Sun Bank brought SunTrust’s values and services to a wider audience, contributing significantly to the company’s overall growth and presence in the American banking landscape.

Milestones in Mergers

The Trust Company of Georgia Merger The Trust Company of Georgia merger stands as a testament to SunTrust’s strategic growth. This merger was more than a business decision; it was a step towards creating a more robust, diversified, and resilient financial institution capable of facing the challenges of the modern financial world. This merger set the stage for future growth and expansion, paving the way for SunTrust to become a banking powerhouse.

The Robinson-Humphrey Company

Expanding into Investment Banking SunTrust’s acquisition of The Robinson-Humphrey Company marked its foray into the realm of investment banking. This move diversified SunTrust’s portfolio, adding depth and breadth to its financial services. The Robinson-Humphrey Company brought expertise in investment banking, capital markets, and wealth management, further strengthening SunTrust’s position in the financial sector.


SunTrust Banks has been a beacon of innovation, trust, and strategic growth in the American banking industry. From its humble beginnings to becoming a part of Truist Financial Corporation, SunTrust has navigated the complexities of the financial world with resilience and foresight. Its legacy continues to influence the banking sector, setting standards for customer service, innovation, and strategic growth.


What was SunTrust Banks?

SunTrust Banks, Inc. was a prominent American bank holding company, with SunTrust Bank as its main subsidiary. Founded in 1891, it was known for its wide range of financial services, including deposits, lending, and investment services. Sun Bank

Where was SunTrust Banks headquartered?

SunTrust Banks was headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. This location served as the central hub for its operations across the southeastern United States.

How extensive was SunTrust Banks’ network?

As of 2016, SunTrust Banks operated 1,400 bank branches and 2,160 ATMs across 11 southeastern states and Washington, D.C., making it a significant player in the regional banking sector.

What happened to SunTrust Banks in 2019?

In February 2019, SunTrust Banks announced its acquisition by BB&T in a $28 billion all-stock deal. This merger, which was the largest since the 2007-2008 financial crisis, led to the creation of Truist Financial Corporation.

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