Israeli-Palestinian conflict: The war between Israel and Hamas pushes the world towards the 3rd world war.

Israeli-Palestinian conflict: The war between Israel and Hamas pushes the world towards the 3rd world war.

war between Israel and Hamas,


For the past few days, news of the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas has shocked the whole world. In the present time, on one side, where the whole world is troubled by the epidemic called Corona, on the other hand, the conflicts of two countries of Middle East, Israel and Palestine, have started harassing people. A few days ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the end of the imperative to apply a brahmastra, mask to fight coronaviruses. After this, Israeli citizens breathed a little relief, but the fight between these two countries has once again started to raise mountains of trouble for the people. We are all aware of this that no matter who wins the battle, no matter who wins in the war, but both sides have to bear the loss. In any war, the biggest loss one has to bear is women and children.
The biggest question that will be coming in your mind is, what is the main reason for the fight between these two countries? I will try to answer this question in a sequential manner.

war between Israel and Hamas

Main reasons for the fight between Israel and Palestine

The history of fighting between Israel and Palestine is very old. Actually it is a link to the wars in Israel and the Arab countries. In fact, the main reason for this war is due to the claim of two groups on the same territory, and that region is Palestine.

Now you need to understand here what is Palestine?
Palestine is a territory of the Arabic world, which extends from Lebanon to Egypt. Most of the state of Israel was currently inhabited in these areas. Prior to 1947, the area was called Palestine, which was inhabited by Khilafat Osmania, but was occupied by the British and French in 1947. After 1967, Israel occupied these territories and established its authority state. To end this war, two polities were attempted several times, demanding the creation of a Palestine country separate from Israel. Currently, many Palestinian and Israeli citizens seem to agree with this suggestion, but some Israeli intellectuals do not agree with this dual polity.

Hamas involvement in Israel and Palestine conflict

Hamas (Harkat al-Mukawama al-Islamiyya) or Islamic Resistance Movement. It is an armed organization of Palestine Muslims, which was founded by Sunni Muslims of 1987 Palestine and Egypt. It is the main party of the “Palestinian National Authority” that aims to establish Islamic rule in Israel. The organization is currently responsible for the attacks in Israel.

position of India in Israel

How far will the fire of Israel and Palestine war go?

The war between Israel and Palestine does not seem to stop at the moment! So far, more than 2000 people have been confirmed dead. On the previous day, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in his address, expressed apprehension that the war is not ending. This is an indication that more people will be known now, which does not look right from any point of view. The question arises here, where will this war go?

What is the position of India in Israel and Palestinian conflict

Between the war of Israel and Palestine, the Indian government has issued a joint statement, regretting all the violent activities, especially the rocket attacks from Gaza, as well as the interference from the UN (United Nation) in this war. Has appealed to. Let us tell you that TS Trimurti, India’s permanent representative to the United Nations, has confirmed this statement by tweeting. India’s Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar and Minister of State for External Affairs Muralitharan killed people in Israel. The Indian Ministry Somia Ghosh, who was killed in the Hamas rocket attacks, has also expressed condolences.


In the end I will just try to say, no war is right in any tone. Therefore Israel and Palestine as well as other countries of the world should try to stop the war.

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written by – Aman roy sami

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